How To Deal With Angry and Negative People

Often in life, we come across others who affect us with their behavior. Negative people often want others to see and understand them; they want others to validate their responses to life. You will see that if you share your sunny disposition with them, they will not be satisfied and in fact may turn away. Unhappy people like to have unhappy people accompany them in their life. If you can not sympathize with their attitude, then you are not worth their time and they may become angry with you. If you cannot make them feel better or give them the response they want, then they may resent you.

When someone is looking for confirmation for how they feel, they want others to see and agree with how hard it is or how hard it must feel. Of course this will make them feel better, but often their attitude may not change. What do you do then with this person if you have sympathized enough and no longer wish to be brought down by their negative attitude? You must let them go; no longer accept their behavior and their problems as yours because you cannot change them or make the world a better place for them. They are unhappy because of what they think and how they are at the moment; it has nothing to do with you.

You cannot always help others find a better way because they can only find it for themselves. If anger comes at you, then how do you respond? Anger is often a result of an internal imbalance caused by many factors, none of which lies solely on your shoulders to bear. When others are angry and this is directed at you, realize it is not your fault because their behavior stems from something deeper. You are only the receiver of all that they feel at that moment. You do not need to take this because how others treat you is in your hands. What you accept and allow to happen to you is what will happen.

If you let go of this angry person by no longer accepting their attitude or internalizing the effect it has on you, you can let them go. As soon as you accept their anger, it sinks into your being. By not accepting it you are stepping back and not taking part in their behavior. Just as with negative people, you cannot change or alter how another person is; all you can do is help yourself. Do not take in their emotions. Let go of your usual response to them. Do not let yourself get sucked into the emotions this person is experiencing. They hurt within and are looking for somewhere to place the pain. Know that no matter how often they do this, they will never feel better. Their path lies in letting go as well, in changing their outlook, and in being more present in what is. Let the anger and negativity slide off of you; do not take it in. Instead, let it be something that no longer penetrates you so that you can remain the person you are, so that you can continue on with your day within the same emotional and mental state that you were in before this person came along.

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