How To Feel Connected

We often feel that life is against us, that the people around us are the cause of our unhappiness, seeing ourselves as separate from it all. We assume our separateness makes us special, valuable, and above reproach, but we are one and the same. To assume we are separate is also to assume that the world is against us and others are not as they should be. The world, others, all that inhabit this earth are us, so we should seek not what makes us different, but why we are connected. Everyone on this earth belongs to each other. We are all tied together, this earth itself is part of us, just as all of its inhabitants are one and the same. To assume otherwise is to strip yourself of the fundamental power of togetherness.

What does this mean? It means we are meant to be together completely, without differences but similarities. Our connection is the basis of our existence. When we stop seeing ourselves as separate, we begin to see the truth of our creation. We begin to understand why we are here, what we can learn, and, as a species, how we can grow.

Connection is the thing that keeps us going. How can we live this way when we are so used to existing against this kind of thought? After so long of imagining ourselves as separate, we must understand that it is a thought we have and that is all. Imagine telling yourself you are connected everyday. Not to one particular thing, because that is seeing it on a small scale. Instead, imagine a connection to all, to everything, that kind of all. It feels tremendous and astounding, for that is what it really is. Stop seeing your days as separate, as time; see every moment as something that is not only connected to everything else, but belongs to everything else.

Connection is the thing that not only binds us to one another, but lets us find peace. It enables us to stop seeing the world, others, our life as something that opposes us, and instead see everything as something we belong to. This may seem simple, this idea, this thought, and it is, but putting it into practice is transformational. It revolutionizes one's life, one's way of being, by lifting oneself out of the darkness of desolation and into the light of realization. When we are not alone, when one is connected, truly connected, by being, by thought, by energy, then happiness and peace are but a byproduct.

It is not about trying to be a certain way, for there is no control; that is a feeling of separation. It is a matter of letting go to the extent that there is no more control at all, none in the way you see the world, others, or even yourself. Letting go so that the connection can once again happen for you. That feeling we are all meant to have, to exist with, is there. So no longer view your life as only yours; it is part of everything. No longer deem time as something you belong to or are controlled by, but simply existing with in a nonlinear way. No longer imagine others as opposite of you, different than you, not like you. Instead, see those around you as part of everything, including yourself. Now see the world, all of it, your future, your past, those you know and do not know as not only connected, but part of everything.

Connection is the key to resolving any unresolved issues you may have. It is why they exist. When we lose this sense of connection, we are deemed to create issues without fail. It is the reason for unhappiness, for disillusion, for loneliness and unwanted behavior, in us and those around us. It is the loss of connection that keeps us from being our truest and happiest self. Become part of everything by connecting and letting go and begin to live as you are meant to. What happens around you is because of you. What exists around you is there for you, as a part of you and everything else.

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