How To Find Happiness Again

Sometimes we think that our life is not how it is meant to be. We fight it; we resist it on the assumption that it is supposed to be something other than what it is. Do you do this? Do you think to yourself that this is not how your life was supposed to turn out, that it was supposed to be better or different? We can assume that we are meant for something else, which leaves us feeling empty because we believe we are not living the life we are meant for. We are not satisfied, and therefore not content with our lives right now. We are resisting what is, and in the end we are resisting our life. We can contemplate all the choices we've made, what brought us to this point in our lives. We can reflect and wonder how it could have been different. But this doesn't change things for us, it only makes us even more unhappy.

How we look at our future can also determine our happiness now. If we assume our options for the future are limited, that we are stuck and things cannot change, then we become even more unhappy. Perception of our choices and our views of the future do not change reality, but have a deep effect on our emotional state in the moment we are in. This moment, now, is the one we need to look at, and yet so few people do. We instead focus on what was or will be, never looking closely at where we are at the moment. So if you are unhappy or unsatisfied with your life today, do you assume you are stuck, that it is your fate? Can it change, do you think it can? This is important. If you feel stuck and believe it, then, for all intents and purposes, this is how you will live your life. If you think, even for a moment, that something else is possible, then you have just opened a door. How you view your life allows things to change and gives you options. When we are closed off, we feel stuck. When we open up, we get a sense of possibility again.

Unhappiness is tied to now. There are no excuses because how you feel now is not connected to your past or your future. Therefore, believing your problems exist because of some big fundamental reason is an excuse; it is not real. If we believe our lives are limited, we will live them this way. Our outlook on what our life is predetermines the way we live. Let's say you feel stuck or trapped in your daily life, why is this? Every action has a reaction, so being trapped is no more real than our belief. Of course some of us would like to make excuses, saying we have to do this or that, and therefore I really am stuck in this current situation. But what is it that is holding you there? Is this really the only option you have, the only solution to the problem or situation as it exists?

Sometimes we create the problem we are living in. Is the problem real or have we maintained a situation that is bad for us? We need to look at our lives from outside the box we are in. We have to pretend to be the observer, with no attachments, to get a clear look at our life. What is the life you are living, what were your dreams that you have forgotten or remember all too well? What part of your life could you change for the better, what part could you do without? What really would make the biggest difference right now? Often we are afraid to change; we hold back and settle in, even though we are unsatisfied, and this is okay as long as we are okay with not being happy. For that is really what we are giving up, and that is what we should fear. For we should all be happy on every level, not just in one aspect of our life, but in all of it.

We are in control of our lives, with the choices we make, what we choose to do, how we live, and what we believe. Every day we hold the possibility to make change happen in our lives; every day we have the option to alter everything. Do you believe this? Belief is bigger than anything, for we can believe we are stuck, or we can believe it can all change. Once we believe, it becomes easier to do so. We stop fearing what is, could be, or was and just live as we are meant to. Fear gets in the way of happiness, fear of change, of losing, of not getting it right, or making a mistake. But if we never try, we have already failed. Believe you can start altering your life in big and small ways. Do not believe your life is fated to stay the same, that you are stuck. We have endless options every day to change and to become the person we are meant to be.

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