How To Let Go

How do you let go of something that has happened to you? First, you must know that whatever it was, this event that occurred in your life, was only something you were part of, for everything we are and all that we do constantly changes. So anything that happens to us is only a reflection of that moment in time and not a representation of who we are. We are always moving forward, growing, learning, and changing. All that occurs in our lives has a way of teaching us and helping us move forward. Unless of course, we find ourselves stuck, holding onto what happened and unable to move on. When this happens, it feels like that one moment is all there is; it becomes all we see, feel, and think about, but one moment is not all there is. There is so much more.

When we keep ourselves stuck in our past, which is any moment that we are no longer in, we stop our progress forward and we hold ourselves back from living life. We may know all of this and still find ourselves unable to let go. Sometimes it is a matter of acceptance, that if we could accept what happened, we would no longer need to hold onto it. Sometimes it is also about forgiveness, for it may mean more to us than we realize. However, if it is no longer part of now, we must let it go, for anything that is behind us is no longer real, except in how we see or feel it. Once a moment no longer exists, we can choose to let it go or we can hold onto it. We hold onto moments because we are still seeking something from them. The moment changed us, meant something to us, but still we are not done with it. That is why acceptance is so beneficial; whether the moment was good or bad, accepting what was is what helps us to let it go. Accept that it occurred and that you were part of it. Forgive that it happened to you, forgive all those involved, and most importantly, that you have held onto it for so long. Sometimes, if we have carried something with us for a long time, we imagine its importance and value is bigger than it is, and therefore it is harder to let it go. We think we must continue to carry it and the weight of it has become part of our life.

When we let go of something, it can be scary; we may imagine there will be nothing to hold onto, once our hands are empty. What can we gravitate to, if not our issue or problems? For it has come to represent what we do and feel. Letting go is very brave, and also an essential part of life, for when we are no longer stuck, life can begin again. If you feel yourself trapped in a pattern, it is because you are holding yourself back. If life seems empty of meaning, it is because you are not growing as you should be.

There is so much that is related to change and your personal growth. When we choose to let go of the moments in our past, we begin to experience life as it should be. Accept, forgive, and let go right now so that you can move forward in your life. It is a choice and a decision that enables you to move on. What happened does not represent you; it is not you, even if it feels this way. Life is always changing and so are you, once you let go. All moments that have passed have no meaning, other than what we make of them. Let their meaning be something that helps you, and no longer hinders you. Accept and forgive what was so that you can be you again. Let go so that life changes with you instead of without you.

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