How To Let Go Of Everything

Letting go is the most vital thing that you can do. If there is anything you should focus on in life, it is this, for it not only lets you be as you are, free of anything holding you back, but it is limitless in its ability to open you up. For we are far too closed off in life, living as if we are meant to be this way. In fact, we know no other way to be. Do you ever wonder why you do not let go? Why you hold onto some things, and can't seem to move past them?Have you ever thought that life is too full of these kind of moments that you reflect on or relate to?

And when we hold onto memories, emotions, or thoughts, we are setting ourselves up to live a life that is not us. Instead, we are living within these memories, emotions, and thoughts. We are basing our lives on what is no longer real, but on a memory, an idea, a fixation, or worse yet, a fear. For nothing we do in life, unless it is from the true us, is without a connection to what we are holding onto. That is why it is so important to set ourselves free form this way of living. It goes from how we meet people, to how we see ourselves, to how we view our life, etc.

Once we see something a certain way, we engineer our expectations of life to fit it. We fear what once was. We essentially fear our memories. Everything we do on a daily basis is connected to how we were, not who we really are. We can be free of this though; we can let go of essentially all there is in us that's from our past. It is possible to release it all. And then where would you be, you wonder. Why you would be so free that your outlook would be not be predetermined. Have you ever wondered what that would be like? That is living in the moment. That is pure and essential harmony with everything, including yourself. By letting go of not one thing, but all things, we are realigning our being with all that there is. We then exist in harmony. That is the goal in life. Do you believe that your past is holding you back, that what once was is shadowing you now? Well then, it is time to let go.

But how do you do this, for I'm sure you have tried, thought of ways, and still have been unable to do so. So then we will do this another way. We will do this with the expectation that you will. For that is what this is all about, expectations after all. If we expect to be a certain way, then we are. That is the programming of our lives. We do this daily. So why not use this to our advantage, and stake a claim in it to promote what we really want? Why not alter ourselves because we expect to. Far too often, as you know, we expect less of ourselves; we are constantly putting ourselves down in different ways. But this is going to be different, this time we will say that we expect to fully and completely release everything that ever was. Now don't make this a big thing, for it is not. After all, it is only thoughts, memories, and emotions, old ones at that. They are no more meaningful in that they are only there because you have chosen them to be. Did you get that? You chose them. That's right, they still exist because you chose to hold onto them. So now we expect ourselves to let go of them, and we choose not to hold onto them anymore.

But that is not all, we must also, and this is the biggest and most wonderful step, forgive. We let go because we can forgive it all. Usually, as you may know, these things we hold onto, these things that bother us, are not always good things. And so they need to be forgiven. It seems simple, but it is beyond necessary. Forgive it all, don't spend time thinking of who or what you are forgiving, just give a blank slate to it all. All is forgiven. Remember, you are forgiving something that in actuality no longer exists, so live it up, just forgive and let live as they say, for you are done with it and are setting it free. Expect to do so and it is done. Choose to do so and you will. Forgive it and you are free. Now there is one final thing to consider, do you really want to be free of this? Some of us don't for some reason, we are stuck with it because in some way we want it.

Do you want what you are trying to release? Don't make the excuse that you are still trying to make sense of it, or work it out, for our past doesn't require this, that is only what we tell ourselves to keep it longer, to replay it, and feel it over and over. So do you really want to let it go? Sometimes we think we do, but underneath we are inhibiting our ability to do so. Why do you think this is? It is most likely because we were hurt. And that in order to protect ourselves, we relive what hurt us. We try to understand how we could have gotten hurt, and why, right? Basically we are, without paying much attention to it, trying to figure it out. But what we don't get is that it no longer matters. Really, anything that is not today ceases to be. What happened yesterday or ten years ago is obsolete; it essentially only exists because you choose to hang onto it. Yesterday is no longer; you only have today, and so you can choose to live now in the moment, or not. How we choose to live is up to us. We can be the true us, living in the moment at peace and with harmony in our lives, or not. What do you really want? Is it worth releasing your past so that your real life is available to you? Think about it, think about if it is worth more to you to hold onto what hurt you than for you to be happy, for that is what it comes down to. What life do you want to live? And remember, it is not hard to achieve this. We have to be honest with what we really want. Look at it for what it really is. There is no way around it. Either we forgive and let go, or we hide in our pasts and forget about today. So three basic steps: choose, expect it to happen, and forgive, and then it is done. Just like that, your life can be altered; it can be different and you will feel better, happier, and be the true you.

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