How To Let Go Of Grief

Grief is a heavy load to carry; it pulls you down and dissipates your hope and happiness. Grief is an overwhelming sense of despair coupled with a loss; a loss so big that one’s hope disappears when it is needed most. For in order to let go of grief, one needs to not only have hope again, but to see the possibilities within life. Often, grief puts an end to one’s way of living because we have given up on life. We can lose touch with reality and even with our self.

Grief can be so heavy that it not only weighs us down, but clouds over our future and we lose sight of what could be. Our perception of life is coming through from a place of grief. So what we see and feel of life correlates to our level of grief and we may choose to hold onto this for years. Life becomes heavier and heavier; hope is never there and what we see of life is only colored by our grief. The option of letting go feels far away because of how heavy and important we have made this feeling in our life. We have in some way come to identify ourselves by it. It is like a badge of what we have experienced. Letting go of grief doesn’t mean you forget what was or what you have gone through; you are choosing life over the grief.

Would life not be far better if you had hope and happiness again? Grief clouds over these possibilities; it makes hope and happiness feel like something you can not have. But it isn’t true. On the other side of this barrier you have built with grief lies everything you need. Letting go can be hard, but no harder than anything you have experienced thus far. You have already come through the worst of it; grief is only the leftover part of it. And it is time to throw it out; it does you no good and it is only robbing you of your life.

Grief is a weight best left in your past and by letting it go, by physically choosing to do so, you are giving yourself a second chance at life. It will help your outlook on life and bring you hope and happiness as well. Simply deciding you are done with it is all it takes; realizing that have been holding onto it and knowing that you can be without it. Grief is only an emotion and not a state of being. Do not make it more than it is by holding onto your attachments to it. Grief belongs in your past and the sooner you let go, the freer you will feel.

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