How To Let Go Of Stress

We keep ourselves in a tense state, feeling stressed out constantly. When we do this we are harming not only our bodies, but our state of being. We are not allowing ourselves to regain that harmony we are meant to live in. When we feel stress, we bottle it up. We encapsulate it in an effort to manage it. We do not release it, for if we did, the tension we feel wouldn't be there. Any moment in life may be perceived as stressful, especially taking into consideration of how much stress we are already holding onto.

There are two main factors at play here. How we perceive stress and the situation or moment we are in and how much stress or tension we have already bottled up. In order to go through life in a more balanced way, we must then do two things. First, we must release old tension and stress that has been stored up. Second, we must also face our life, and all those "stressful" moments differently. We must reevaluate our perception of what we see as stressful, overwhelming, hard, or too much in our life. If we fail to release old tension, we will forever see life from a vantage point of stress. If we do not change our attitude toward stress and our life, then we will constantly be adding to our level of stress that has already accumulated.

So we must realize that all the stress we have bottled up is a response to how we see life. It is our attitude that makes us believe we are under stress. We collect and hold onto stress so that we can maintain composure and so that we have the ability to go on and to make it through whatever moment we are in. This shouldn't be happening in the first place. All moments, great or small, can be what we choose to experience. If we see life as hard or a challenge, then everything will become stressful. Once we decide on this, it is very hard to change our perception; therefore, this is how we experience life. We create our tension in this way, and once we do, we hold onto this perception as a way to cope, even though it is irrational.

The other option, the easier and much more enjoyable path, is to first view life as doable, as easy, and as beyond manageable. In fact, there is no managing that needs to take place because we are existing with life and not against it. It seems like such a simple task to see life in this way, but you will find it seems almost impossible to keep this perception when we are faced with anything that truly challenges us. The easiest way to approach this is to see small moments that are normally labeled as hard as doable and easy. Re-approaching small stress triggers first in a new light allows us the gratification of not only doing what is possible, but it slowly begins to shift our natural tendencies in how we approach life. When we do this, we begin to sense that what was always hard can become easy, and we begin to see in a real way how our perception changes our reality. By doing this, you not only change yourself, but you change the outlook for your future.

So the next time you feel yourself starting to get stressed, refocus your attention onto what is possible and how it can be easy, and shift your attention away from the focus of it being hard. That is all it takes; that is the first step to realigning your attitude toward life and changing how you interact with it. Small moments first, and then the big ones will feel easier. You will find that by having experience with letting go of your negative attitude towards small stress triggers, it helps you see the more extreme moments as a lot easier. You will not automatically shift into seeing a moment as hard, stressful, or too much; instead, you may look for the possibilities of how it can be easier for you.

Another method is to intentionally release what you have been holding onto so that all those moments in the future will not bring up that memory of stress. Stress lies very close to the surface; it is not hidden deep within, and therefore it is far easier to get rid of than we think. Stress is the act of trying to fight against what we have chosen to be hard. When we make the choice to stop fighting and struggling with life in all of its forms, stress disappears; it really does.

Stress is a leftover sensation of a previous moment we have struggled with. It affects not only our bodies, but our happiness and well-being. It is very important to see it as something we should live without, for the future and in this very moment, that goes for stress accumulation that is old and our future attitude toward life. In order to release the effects of stress, to let go of what we have bottled up, we need to understand why we did this in the first place. When we understand, the letting go seems necessary. Stressful situations feel like an attack, a very personal attack on our well-being. We, in effect, are trying to protect ourselves from what is happening and from what we are feeling; the harder the moment seems, the more we bottle up. We do not want to experience what we see as overwhelming, so we try to put it aside and out of our way so that we can keep going on. What we forget to do is to release what we held onto.

When stressful moments arise, we react first and emotionally respond later. This adaption can be useful; it lets us make it through some very tough times, but there will always be stress residue waiting to be dealt with. This is often overlooked, for when the moment ends, we see ourselves as free of it, that it is done. We do not deal with the tension that has been built up. Therefore, it continues to build and we become easily stressed or overwhelmed in all matter of moments. This is not how it is supposed to be. So we must deal with what we put aside in order to continue momentarily through a rough time. Releasing tension begins when we look at how we felt in that moment, at what issues came up, what responses we had, and how we felt; all of this is tied to the stress we have accumulated.

One way that helps relieve these symptoms is to forgive what we experienced in the same way we forgive someone for harming us. When we forgive, the weight is easier to bear; it becomes lighter. Forgive the moment for the stress it caused, forgive yourself, and forgive everything for all that happened and what it meant to you. When you no longer harbor ill feelings towards what was, it is easier to let it go. When we lift the weight of the moment away, we can start to see it for what it was. It is important to understand that our stress response was triggered by how we saw the moment, not for what it really was. There is a big difference between true hardship and danger and what we normally perceive as so. If we can look at the moment from a clear perspective, we can perhaps realize why we responded the way we did and see the reality of what was. Regardless of how it affected us, the sooner we come to terms with what happened and forgive it, the sooner the stress radiates away from us, and it will begin to dissipate.

Stress is a memory of what you went through; it is not a real thing. It is an abstract attachment to something that was hard for you. It is not permanent, as no moments are. When we forgive, accept, and let go of our past, especially the moments that were so hard for us, we lighten our load and our tension soon evaporates. We can begin to see life in an easier light and respond from a more realistic perspective because we are not holding onto old stress or tension.

Remember, you can forgive and let go of your past hardships and view life from another perspective, one that is possible, easy, and enjoyable. Both methods are important. Any moment, no matter how big or small, in your life can be approached from many angles, make yours the best path for you.

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