How To Let Go Of The Weight Of Your Past

Letting go of your past can seem like a hard thing to do; it can feel like we are stuck with it. Our choices, our mistakes, our regrets, and our memories can all seem like a big ball and chain weighing us down. How are we supposed to move on with all that weight, with all those memories holding us down? Think about how often you revert back to your past, how often you think about what was, what happened, and how important it was to you; we do this a lot. Not only do we carry so much around with us, but we project it on ourselves and into our future. We scatter it around, giving it more importance than it deserves. We very rarely exist as we are or where we are. We are either occupied by what could be, or living in our memories of the past. Whether it is good or bad. we are preoccupied by somewhere else other than here.

If our goal is to let go of our past, to be free of its weight, then we have to stop giving it so much meaning. We have to see that now is different than yesterday and that tomorrow will be different too. It seems simple, and in truth, it really is. It is like talking yourself out of the loop you are stuck in, It is being honest with yourself. We can choose to exist and live our life however we want, this we are in control of. We can live in our memories, habitually existing in our past or future, or we can alter this way of being and free ourselves up. We can stop looking at our past as a thing, as something that exists. Its true weight only exists in our minds. The idea of what was is big because we give it that power. We focus on it and what it means. We contemplate it, roll it around, and constantly bring it up so that we can look at it, remember it ,and feel it. We hold onto it and give it meaning, but in truth, nothing in our past truly exists anymore, except in our minds and how it makes us feel. So being constantly reminded by it, that is a choice and one we make everyday.

We remember who we've been, and then project that on ourselves today. We remember what was and fear it happening again, projecting it into our future. We focus on moments in our past, issues, emotions, anything, and we bring it into today. We are the ones holding the bag. We carry it with us, and often unknowingly empty its contents onto our feet. We choose this; although, we may not want it. It is a choice we make by believing our past is real, that it still exists. We believe that it has meaning, but it doesn't; it no longer has an effect on you. It is the memory of it that does. It is our constant recalling of it that empties these feelings and emotions into our lives. It is the choice to go backwards that brings it into our lives today. So by not giving it weight and substance, we let it go. By not believing that it is real, eliminates it.

Imagine holding a ball in your hand, one that represents your past, your feelings about it, your choices, mistakes, heartaches, anything that makes it heavy and real to you, and now tell yourself the ball no longer exists. It is a figment of your imagination, which it really is anyway. We imagine our past as something which it isn't. It is not there; there is nothing behind us. In fact, there is nothing in front of us either. But we don't see it this way, do we? We see dates, calenders, moments, and memories as real. We see our lives as spread out on a time line, but this way of living leads to heavy loads far to heavy to carry. Instead, we must realize that the past is nothing. It is openness; it is vapor, and ceases to be with every breath we take. The only real moment we have is now, right now, and nothing else. We can change our perception of how we view life, or we can be weighed down by what is not real. It is up to us. We can let go or we can continue to believe that we must carry something that doesn't exist. See your past as no longer there, stop focusing on memories that give it weight, and instead let yourself exist in what is real, which is now.

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