How To Quit A Habit

Quitting a habit requires seeing the habit as something that doesn’t have a hold over you, but something you are in fact holding in your hand. We have the choice and always the will to let go of whatever we need. It is our idea that we can’t that holds us back. Life is a reflection of our desires; if we wish to let go of something, we can. If we choose to start something, we can and will. We are our choices and when we stop believing this, we are giving up on who we are. Nothing holds a power over us; nothing is stronger than we are.

If we believe we cannot quit, then we have already lost before we have started. Yes, some things may feel harder than others, but how do you feel about the habit itself? Is it a large obstacle to you? If it is, then it will feel harder to quit. How we view something has a lot to do with its effect on us. If we see this habit as something we no longer like and is possible to end, then quitting it will be a hundred times easier for us. It is this simple. Perception has a way of controlling our behavior. If you choose to believe something is too hard to let go of, then it will feel this way. If you perceive your habit as something you cannot live without, then how could you possibly give it up?

For most people, once they have decided they no longer want a habit, they usually can let it go. It is for the ones who still hang onto the idea that the habit is theirs, that it serves a purpose and is impossible to let go of, that find it hardest to quit. Even drugs and alcohol hold no power unless you give them power in your mind. How you look at a habit controls its effect not only on your mental state, but on your body as well. We can convince our bodies that it is necessary to have this habit and our bodies believe this, as they are tied to our mind.

If you believe you hate a food, then your body will keep on rejecting it based on its taste until you change your mind. The same can be said for a habit. As soon as you change your mind and choose to quit a habit, your body will happily oblige. There may be symptoms of release, but in the end the release is far easier when you have chosen to let go. And even the symptoms will be less, for you are not craving something you believe you cannot live without. Perception, belief, and choice are all keys in your path to quitting a habit. Choose to let go because you want to; believe you can because then you will. See the habit as not necessary and it will no longer be so.

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