How To Reclaim The Real You

Often in life, we become confused about who we are. We lose ourselves amidst everything that happens in life. We feel like we are no longer there. How can you find yourself again? How do you reconnect to the real you when life has pushed you so far away from where you started? Do you feel like after all the concessions you've made in life that somehow in the process you conceded to letting go of who you really are?

Now is the time to reconnect, to find yourself once again. No matter where you are in your life, living your life as the real you is important. Whatever you have gone through in this life may have made you feel obscured, that you're in the distance and not really present in your own life. Know that it is possible to find yourself again, to reconnect and lay claim to the real you. Right now you can make this happen; there is no better time to do so. Just by realizing this in yourself, you are already re-connecting.

Life is not against us, nor is it a battle. But if we are disconnected from ourselves, it can feel this way. The easiest process to finding yourself again is to let go of the idea that you have lost yourself. You are always there; you have not gone anywhere. It is your connection you have lost. That feeling of distance is simply you not connected to the real you. It may seem hard because you do not know the way, but it is easy. Everything in life can be either easy or hard; it comes down to how you look at it. You may say the idea of living as you after all this time seems impossible, but is it? You've managed so far to live as somebody else. What could be easier than living as you, as you are meant for, and already are? Imagine the distance closing; imagine that feeling of being lost is really an idea and not real. Let go of the way you see yourself and let your true self step through. Who you are, who you are meant to be is there, fully, confident, and ready to reclaim your life.

There is no waiting, no trying, no losing your way. It is as simple as realizing this life you have been living so far no longer feels real to you. It is as simple as asking yourself to be the real you. Remember you always were and are your true self; it is the idea that you aren't that keeps it from happening. Let go of the idea that you gave yourself up somewhere along the line because you are still there. There is no distance between who you are and your true self. Let go of the thoughts that spring up to block your way and simply realize that you are your true self now. That is all there is to it. As soon as you imagine there must be more to it, then it will feel that way. As soon as you claim it to be easy, then it will be. We hold a lot of power over ourselves with our choices, beliefs, and ideas. All of this gets in the way of us being us. So let go and believe that the distance you feel is no longer there. Realize that who you are, the true you, is there after all.

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