How To Relax

Learning how to relax in your life is one of the biggest keys to feeling happy, content, and fulfilled. If we cannot relax or find a way to be at ease with where and how we are, then we will never find ourselves in a space that is okay. If we are forever looking for the next moment to give us peace, then right now will never suffice. Happiness is available right now; just as you being able to feel relaxed is available to you in this moment. Again, if we assume the moment for us to relax is not now, then it will never be. If we look at life this way, always assuming the moment we are in is too busy, too stressful, that we must wait to be in a relaxed state, then we are creating stress.

We create the fundamental experience we have on a daily basis by how we perceive the moment we are in. If we think now is too much, then it will feel this way. If we think later will be okay, I will be able to relax and take it easy, are you sure this is what will happen? Or perhaps, when that stage comes, you will once again feel overwhelmed, stressed, and a little too busy to allow yourself to relax. Because that is what this really is, it is you declaring and assuming the state you are in. Imagine that without your perceptions, your worries, your fears, your thoughts, or emotions telling you how to be, how would you feel? Far too often, we let ourselves be led by this kind of existence. We do not allow ourselves to just be with what we are without telling ourselves how we feel.

Stress is a creation of our mind. Feeling overwhelmed comes from believing something is too much; it is a decision. Creating troubles out of nothing so that we can keep on feeling tense, overworked, and unable to finish is us procrastinating being at ease. We find being at ease, this relaxed state, something we have to strive for. It is not now, not today, but a goal. For what happens when we allow ourselves to relax, without a reason, no vacation, no goal accomplished, just relax as we are, in the moment we are in? Do we feel empty; are we in need of a goal? Do we need to strive for something? Can we be okay with nothing, for fundamentally that is what relaxing is.

Nothingness is the state we relax in. We create too much around us to feel comfortable with nothing. That is why we are always looking for the next thing to do, the next fear, the next goal to reach. Something must always be ahead of us so that we can feel safe within the business of our lives. What is nothing? It is us being where we are without going forward, without the need to accomplish, just being. To let go of the pushing, the trying, and the endless quest for our future is what enables one to relax without the excuse. If we give ourselves the ability to acknowledge our need to relax, and then grant this desire, it can happen today.

There doesn't always need to be something on the horizon, with which you must identify yourself by. There can be nothing but now. Relax by letting go of tomorrow, letting go of even today; this can be done. Let go in your mind, your heart, and your body the need to be going, moving, trying, and just for a moment, be only where you are. By stilling your thoughts, your imagination, your emotions, you can begin to allow yourself to relax. You do not need to be so consumed by this drive because it disables your ability to enjoy life, for life is happening right now, not when you are done or finished with what you need to do, but now. Now is the only moment we really have. And in this moment you can take the time to enjoy it, to be, to relax.

Welcome the space you are in, instead of avoiding it by looking into your future and the next moment to come. When you can really be where you are, then you can let go enough to relax with nothing. Your body needs this as much as you do mentally; all of you needs to feel relaxed constantly. We hold onto too much by our desire to constantly be moving, striving for our future. We must imagine that right now, we are okay where we are, that this moment we are in really holds enough. We have as much as we need. When we accept now, we relax into it. When we let go of the need for more, we are okay with nothing. Nothing in the sense of not one thing needs to be different. To want, to need, to expect is to not feel relaxed. To be okay, to let go, and to accept it all is to finally be relaxed.

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