How To Release Fear

Fear occurs when we do not understand what is happening around us. Whether it is something that happened in our past, present, or could happen in our future, if we do not understand it, we fear it. There can be a deeper understanding of the things we fear. We can find out what causes it and understand ourselves in a better way. Sometimes we do not understand our own responses when it comes to what we fear. Simply understanding yourself a little better can help you let go of what you fear.

We also correlate moments from our past with those of our future, moments we disliked or didn't understand and create fear from those. Why do things happen, where did it come from, how come it couldn't be different, and why did it happen to me? All of those questions pose a dilemma when it comes to our life, for we do not understand the purpose or why it happened. Fear then takes hold because we cannot make sense of what was or may be. To release fear and no longer live by it is to understand one simple idea -- that to live in fear is to not understand yourself.

Fear is a response to not knowing. When you don't understand or are not aware of yourself, then you are not at peace. When you begin to feel unsettled, ungrounded, wary, or worried, it is because you do not understand what is happening around you and how to think or feel about it. When you feel internally bothered, afraid, tight, or protective, it is because you are holding fear inside of you without knowing why. Fear of the unknown and fear of not knowing yourself are the same.

When we are grounded within, then we are secure in who we are and can understand our own behaviors clearly. When we are secure in who we are, then the moments that normally cause fear dissipate. When we are aware of ourselves, our thoughts, our patterns, and our behaviors, we understand ourselves. Often the scariest feeling is when we are scared and do not know why. When others around us seem fine and yet we are bewildered as to why we feel so shaky and ungrounded when others are okay. What is it that causes this in us; why do we feel this way?

One needs to look closely at fear, at where it comes from, because all behaviors, emotions, and thoughts have an origination from within. Do not look outward for the justification as to why because when you are secure within, all moments can be easy and without fear. So look within at what brings these emotions up; dwell on their purpose. Does it help you to feel this way; has it ever? If the emotion always comes to you during the same kinds of moments, then you can understand what puts you in this place and why.

What is important to remember is that you do not always have to fear these situations. Letting go of fear can happen when you realize why you feel this way. If you can understand yourself, the fear can go away. Fear is only there because you are not aware. Let yourself feel the fear; do not try to push it away. Listen to the thoughts that arise. How justified are they for that moment? Try to help yourself understand that you are capable, strong, and secure even during those times. For when you understand yourself, you have an easier time no matter what. You can let fear go by looking honestly at why, where, and how fear comes to you. Do not always blame the outside, for fear comes from within. No matter the moment or situation, you can live without fear. It is a matter of understanding yourself a little better and listening to what is happening within yourself, so that you can let the fear go.

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