How To Stop Feeling Tense

When you feel on edge, what can you do to release the tension? Well, often we are tense for varied reasons; however, we have to understand that the reason doesn't matter because we carry tension for long periods of time, far beyond the moment when we became tense. What we need to do is to first realize that we are tense, that we do not need to feel this, and therefore we should release it. Often it is just this realization that helps. The moment we sense we are feeling grumpy, on edge, and not like ourselves, we have to come to terms with it. Of course, we don't usually do this; we tend to look outward toward the people around us and toward our environment in an effort to balance ourselves without first taking into stock our own emotional imbalance. So once again, realizing we are tense, stressed, or on edge is the biggest step, the one that helps us get off the emotional roller-coaster we have been riding, for once we claim this state as unnecessary, it is far easier to release it.

The reason we feel this tension doesn't matter, for again it could be something old. It really doesn't matter. So let go of the need for there to be a reason for feeling stressed or tense. Stop looking for something to blame so you can feel better; this doesn't work, for nothing is going to make you feel better more than you can. You can do this by claiming the stress, the emotional unbalance you feel, as not you, that when we feel stressed, on edge, and cranky it is not us. But don't we already know this? Isn't it why we look for external reasons for our emotions? We are not claiming it because it doesn't feel right. We already know, subconsciously, that we are not meant to be this way, that it is not the real us. So go right along with it, pat yourself on the back for already having figured it out. Tension is not you. Stressed is not the way you really are. Yes, that is right, that emotional state you have been in doesn't belong to you, no more than your neighbor's car.

So let's start there. First, we realize we are tense and that this isn't us, not the real us anyway. We do not need to claim this tension and keep it; therefore, we can release it. The release is easy, don't tell yourself otherwise. We like to make things so much harder than they are. Have you ever felt like you have been stressed for days and you can't figure out why? Nor can you figure out how to get rid of it, like it is stuck with you, the tension, the edginess, all of it? Well, we often try to ignore it, right? We say yes, I feel this way, but if I don't look too closely at it, it will go away. Wrong, acknowledge the feeling. Always acknowledge what you are feeling; this is how we get rid of it and feel better. So instead, say to yourself yes, I am stressed and very tense; I don't care why, this doesn't matter, what matters is this is not the real me. That is all you need to do, a very harmless and an easy task.

The next time you feel stressed, do this, say yes, this is what I feel and I know this is not me. Now with that aside, it is time to release it, to not ignore it, but to let it go. Remember, if we believe that this step is hard, it will feel this way. It is actually easy. So tune into the real you, the person you know you are. Are you a stressed person? No, because no one is, not in their natural state, not if they are present and acknowledge themselves fully. I want you to envision the real you, the calm, happy person that you are, not what you may feel right now, but who you are when you are at peace, that is the real you, underneath any emotional unbalances you may experience. So envision this peaceful state of being, which is the real you. Stress is just a temporary emotion that just needs to be acknowledged.

When we stop running away from ourselves, take stock, and be present, we lift off so much that has been holding us down. We have to stop and feel, be realistic with where we are and how we are doing. When we do this, we see we do not need to be this way or feel this way any longer. So your final step in releasing the tension is to envision your true self, the you when you are at peace. Understand that this is always attainable, not just at special moments, but always. This peaceful state, the real you, is always there. So envision the real you letting go of that previous emotion, releasing the tension, the stress, anger, attitude, all of it easily floats away. When we let go of the claim that we feel a certain way, it dissolves. If you tell yourself I am stressed, then yes, you are; you are acknowledging it to the point of owning it. So in turn you can likewise do the same with peace. You can say to yourself, I am not stressed, but at peace, this I own, I claim my real self. This may seem like a bunch of mumbo jumbo, but it works, whatever we want internally can be there. We just have to choose it and then we become it. It is no harder than changing your mind about something.

When we believe we are in charge of how we feel, then the sky is the limit. There is nothing in control of us, there really isn't. We cannot blame anything or anyone for how we feel, that is ignoring the truth. We first acknowledge it, realize it is not us, and then release it by envisioning the real person that we are. We think it should be harder, but it is not. By believing it should be harder, we are trying to avoid the release that is possible, for every time we feel stuck, we are not facing the truth. Stress can be let go of whenever you decide that the time is right. This is how it usually works isn't it? We say to ourselves I will feel better when such and such happens, or this goes away, or when I am done, etc.. We are claiming the moment when we will let go of the stress; it happens all the time. So why not let it go now? It is earlier than you planned for, sure, but it is just the same. We don't realize that we hold a lot of power over ourselves. It is when we tune into it and pay attention to it that we can start to help ourselves out even more. We can release the tension when we want to. We can feel better when we choose to; we truly can. Every moment holds this possibility when we believe it can be so.

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