How You Can Change Your Attitude

Changing our attitude can help us to see the world differently; it can alter our day and help us experience life in a new way. How we think we are doing, how we perceive ourselves and others is all based on our perceptions. If we imagine the day is going badly, then our experience of it will reflect this. If we think the world around us is against us, then it will feel and be this way for us. If we focus on that which we do not like, our mind will be triggered their occurrences and everything will seem negative. If we look for things that unsettle us, then all we will see is that which is wrong. Our attitude, our very image of life, can be either good, bad, or in between; we choose because our outlook is predetermined by us. Our attitude is set up by us. We are in control of it; no one else is.

We choose how we see the world. We view ourselves in the same way, not based solely in reality, but by our view and perception of ourselves. We shift our attitude based on outside data, how we feel, or how we are doing at the moment. But all too often, once we decide on something, we choose to keep that outlook. We maintain this perception, whether we change or the moment changes. We get stuck in experiencing the world, others, ourselves, or even our day in the same way because we have chosen to and haven't let go of our previous attitude. This attitude, this way of seeing and experiencing life, ourselves, and others is only a problem if we are not fully aware of ourselves.

When we lose our awareness, we lock ourselves out of being present because we are ordering our minds and emotions to see and feel in the way we have decided. We are not really experiencing what is real. We are experiencing what we choose to experience. But this is not how we should be living; we should live in a more free manner, one that changes with everything. If you have been feeling sad for days, do you realize why? It could be that at one point you decided you were sad and have not shifted this attitude to reflect how you are now. Does it feel to you that others do not appreciate you? Do you realize that this idea came from you; at one point in time, you chose this outlook, and it may not even be true? Is it possible that this perception has controlled how you feel about your own life? Very often, if we become just a little more self-aware, we can begin to notice what is real about how we feel and what is attached to an old emotion. We can begin to sense the difference between true thoughts and those we have been holding onto.

The world changes so much around us, and we also change. When we hold ourselves back by maintaining an old attitude or perception, we limit ourselves and our happiness. Help yourself to be really present in what is happening around you, in how you feel and in what you think. Question whether your attitude really fits the moment, if your perception is based on what is real or if it is old. Let go of how you think things are, both internally and externally, so that you can be fully present and engaged. Let yourself be present by letting go of old thoughts or feelings that may be holding you back, experiencing life without perceptions. Let your attitude in the moment be real, connected, and present with you. When we experience life free of old attitudes, perceptions, and ideas, we are free to live a life that is real.

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