Intuition and Self-Guidance

Using your intuition to guide yourself happens when you listen to yourself and let go of ideas, patterns, agendas, or control, for we cannot fully listen to ourselves if we already have an idea of how things should be. We can steer ourselves in the wrong direction by keeping our agendas and not letting go. To listen fully to your intuition, you must get out of your own way; it is like stepping back from your mind, your feelings, and letting yourself assist you. When one asks one’s self what to do next, does your mind jump in telling you what you must do because of your agenda? When one feels drawn to do something, is it coming from fear, control, or worry or is it truly your intuition guiding you? There is a difference and it is very important to have clarity when using self-guidance so that you do not steer yourself wrong.

We can emotionally block our intuition when we are afraid, hesitant about the future, or worried. When we do this, we may imagine we are fully listening to ourselves, but we may only be hearing our emotional voice. In this case, one must first clear away the emotional attachments to the issue or question at hand. You know you have done this correctly when the answer is clear, for if it doesn’t feel that way, your emotions are getting in the way. Thoughts can also contribute to confusion, for we may already think we know what our answer should be, and therefore decide it before we hear or own guidance. It is like we answer ourselves before we can hear our intuition speak. This means one must let the control of the idea go first; one must empty one’s mind in order to hear the answer truthfully without a hidden agenda. This can be hard. Just like with your emotions, it is hard to know when you are hearing the right answer.

Usually your intuitive response comes first; it is fast and straight to the point. If we are clear and open, we hear it before our emotions or thoughts can adjust the answer. Imagine yourself clearing your mind and letting your emotions fall away before you ask, think, or feel your intuition. Your intuition will always be correct if you are clear enough to hear it. Clearness comes from not allowing yourself to filter the answer emotionally or mentally. The next time you try, imagine clearing away thoughts and emotions and then trust what you have to say. Often it is the feeling of not trusting ourselves that opens the window for fear, worry, or control to step in. Trust that if you are open and clear, you will hear your intuition.

Listen to the first thing you hear before your mind or emotions adjust your answer. The voice of your intuition is clear, strong, and quick. The more you try the clearer and easier this becomes to feel and listen to. Believe you can and trust yourself for self-guidance is a very important and strong tool to use in our lives. It is valuable and easy once you get the hang of it. Just remember to listen to yourself and not your emotions or thoughts for they are not the same.

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