Intuitive Child Raising

Raising a child intuitively is a process that many of us do already, but perhaps not as much as we could. We often let our minds get in the way of what we think is right for our child. We sometimes let our emotions override what we feel is best. Intuitive child raising is an extremely effective method of not only relating, but of interacting in a way that best suits the child and their needs. When we relate to the child’s desires, needs, and feelings from a place that is intuitive, we are responding to the child themselves, not from what we think or imagine is going on with them.

It can be easy to overlook the feelings of a child when our responses are based upon what we imagine they are feeling. If we use our intuition to respond to them first, we are opening a door to another method of relating. Instead of reacting with emotions or thoughts to the child, try to respond from an intuitive place first. What does this mean and how do you do it? Well, you already do it some of the time. When your instincts take over and you find yourself responding from a place that feels real, connected, and honest with the child, you are already using your intuition. Intuition comes from listening to yourself and seeing your child clearly.

Imagine your child asking you something and before you respond as you normally would, try to see the moment and your child as something new. Try to view the child as they are now, without the past or yourself in the way. Listen to their question and ask yourself what they need. Chances are if you listen to your first response without thoughts or emotions in the way, you will feel and know the right answer for them.

If your child is misbehaving, try asking yourself what they really need and why they are acting this way. Often a child cannot communicate or doesn’t know how to say what they feel. Intuitively, you know what they need. When you can come from an intuitive place, your connection to them will grow and you will start to understand them better. Intuition with your child can be used on many levels, daily, and in all moments. Look at all moments with your child as new, stay present with them, and intuitively ask yourself what they need before you respond.

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