Intuitive Eating

Intuitive eating is about feeling what your body desires, not from your mind or from your emotions, but from a place that seeks nourishment. Our bodies crave different substances at different times and intuitively know what they need. If we were to listen intuitively to ourselves and ate what we really needed, we would not only find ourselves at the right weight, but we would be healthier too.

Imagine letting your body guide you with your food choices. Imagine asking yourself what you needed before you chose what to eat. It is very simple and easy to do this. You do it by simply asking yourself what you need and then listening to your intuitive response, the response before your emotions or thoughts. Usually the response feels right and is quickly heard. If it doesn’t feel right, perhaps you have let your emotions or thoughts intervene.

One of the best habits to start using is to ask yourself if you are even hungry before you start eating. Ask yourself how much your body desires. We can overeat simply because we think we should and need to eat. Sometimes our bodies do not need as much as we think or are not hungry but we eat anyway because of habit. If you intuitively feel that your body needs food, then ask what it wants. When your body is nourished by what it wants, you will feel satisfied and have more energy. Do you ever feel sluggish or tired after eating? This comes from your body not getting what it wants or from having too much food.

If we listen to ourselves and use our intuition when it comes to food, we would all be eating exactly what was right for us. We would have no need to diet because our bodies would be guiding us to the best nourishment possible. By asking and feeling intuitively what your body needs, craves, and desires, you can begin to find a more balanced way of eating. Let your own intuitive guidance come through. First, ask yourself if you are hungry and then ask what your body wants the most right now. What your body wants will always change depending on your body’s needs. By listening you will feel satisfied longer because your body is satisfied with what you gave it. Intuitive eating means listening to your body. The more you do this, the easier it will feel, and you and your body will be much happier.

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