Learning To Heal

Learning how to heal and being able to do so can seem like such a large idea, for our emotions and mind tend to hold onto moments that affect us strongly. Healing means letting go; it means releasing that which altered us, and along the way learning to accept it and even forgive it. There can be no healing if we are still holding onto the event, the moment, or the idea. For in encasing it within us, we are not only identifying with it, but we are holding onto the pain, the memory, and the effect it had on us. Sometimes, without knowing why, we choose not to let go and not to heal. If the moment felt so powerful and so strong within us, we tend to believe that because it happened it must remain with us. It is a moment that became who we are. It was part of our past, but it also became a part of our makeup. This kind of thinking about our identity gets in the way of releasing and letting go.

When we believe the past has been claimed by us, we choose not to forget. Moments that were hard are often held onto in a much stronger way than those that were easy. Why do we do this? Again, because we are identifying ourselves with these moments. Perhaps the moment took strength to endure, or it contained too much sorrow. Or it was beyond other’s capabilities and so it is your badge that you are almost proud to wear. Carrying it forward with you is like marking a page in a book so that you can always remember it; so that you can always go back and say to yourself this happened to me, this is why I am this way today. But is this true; are we only a makeup of what has happened to us? That is like saying we never change unless something drastic alters us, when in reality we change every day, especially when we have let go of the past.

By holding onto something and identifying yourself by it, you are halting growth internally and encapsulating a time in your life to live by. When by letting go and letting the healing to take place, you allow yourself to become who you are meant to be today. The picture you have of yourself will alter when how you identify yourself is no longer built on memories alone. By accepting what was and by letting it go, you can not only move on, but are releasing your old self as well, someone who carried so much of the past and was weighed down by it. By freeing yourself of this, you will feel lighter, more energy, and more free to be you. Our past is not a badge to wear; it does not prove who we are. When we are present in the moment of today, that is the real truth of who we are. Our past is over as soon as we let it be so. It ends when we no longer choose to keep it marked within us. By letting our past absolve into itself, we can look to the future with clear eyes, an open heart, and a mind free of memories. We can then be fully-engaged, happy, and free in our lives to come.

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