Learning To Relax and Be Present

During the progress that is life, we sometimes find ourselves swayed by our emotions and thoughts. We take ourselves to a place that is full of stress, worry, and fear. We end up not enjoying where we are and lose our sense of peace. When we do this, we cannot relax because we have lost ourselves in our thoughts or emotions. Life can feel overwhelming because we are not present or in a state that is relaxed. When we lose our place in the present, we gain nothing but further inner turmoil. When we are present, we can see the moment for what it is. We can relate to it in a clear way. Because when we are present, we can relax. When we let our emotions stay present and engage our minds solely in the moment, we are relaxed.

The key to being present is to allow yourself to be where you are. When we give our emotions more importance than the present, we are lost. When we spend our moments in our minds instead of where we are, we have lost the ability to relax. Staying present and grounded in where you really are is what gives you the space to be at peace and relaxed. Every time we coast to a place that is not real, we are leaving our present state of being. When we let go of the reality we are in to experience our emotional state further, we are letting go of the present. We all do this, but it is the consistency of this that affects us the strongest. Imagine that when you feel yourself drifting away from the present, that that you brought yourself back to where you were. When you felt your thoughts drifting to the past or the future, you brought your mind back to where you really were.

When we get too lost in our thoughts, we disturb our natural way of being. This doesn’t mean that you should not think; it simply means one must enable one’s self to stay present in the now of where you are. If you were to seriously look at your day, how often do you feel like you are really present? How often does your mind wander to things that have nothing to do with the moment you are in? How often do you let your emotions carry you away with fear, worry, doubt, or any emotional way of distancing yourself from the present? How often do you feel like you are present and engaged in where you are? Can you begin to understand why you do not feel like you can relax?

We make it hard on ourselves by constantly shifting our attention to something other than where we are. Our minds address issues and try to solve problems. Our emotions get carried away along with our thoughts. Our state of being gets thrown off by all of this. We lose the ability to be where we are because we cannot let go long enough to experience the moment. To relax is to let go and be present. It is to give the moment more importance than your racing thoughts or emotional processes. When you do this, all of your problems become smaller and you will see them more clearly. How you feel will resonate with the truth of the moment and you will become more stable and grounded. You will become a person that is present, relaxed, and well-grounded in your daily life.

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