Let Go and Be Happy

Taking life too seriously can be something we all do from time to time. We think so much matters, that how we do things and what happens is so important. So we try to control what we can in the attempt to gain the best life possible. We try to be in charge of our world; we work very hard at it, and try endlessly to be in control of it. Again, we take it all too seriously. What would happen if we let go? Would it spin endlessly out of control? Would we become unhappy? Would our life be ruined if we stepped back and let it all be without trying, worrying, or controlling it so much? This is a big thing, but it is also a small thing at the same time. For it is one way of looking at our lives that gives us an easier way to live. If we are trying so hard and are so concerned about what may be or is at the moment, are we ever really relaxed, are we ever really comfortable with where we are or how we are? And if not, is this a good way to live?

By letting go of the desire to be in control or manage our lives to some degree, we also free up our mind and our emotions, we let them settle down and become far more grounded and at peace. We cannot be at peace when we feel like we must maintain, nor can we feel comfortable when we are trying so hard to manage. All the trying is really an effort to feel at peace and happy. We are trying to manage life instead of being with it. We are not letting go long enough to enjoy what we have, what is there, and in essence our life as it is. Without taking it all so seriously, what is left? We have the knowledge that it is okay, which it always was under all the effort to maintain it. Life goes on no matter how we look at it or interact with it; it will be and we continue on.

How we interact with our life and the world around us not only gives us our experience of it, but controls our happiness in a way. If we are always trying to get somewhere, always wanting, always at it in some way or another, we will not feel happy because we are giving ourselves an ultimatum in a way. We are saying to ourselves that happiness, peace, and comfort will not come until I am ready, and I am not ready until things are as I want them. So we try to make that come to fruition; we try to manage and control our life to get to this point, but in the end, our happiness never comes, for we never allow it to. By letting go of life, our demands, our obstacles, our agendas, we allow happiness now. And isn't that all we really want?

We want to be happy, at peace, and to enjoy life. When we stop taking it all so seriously we open the door to this. We allow what was always there to be there now. Just think of how often you have said to yourself, when this happens, then I can and will be happy. How long have you been holding onto that idea? Has it been a while, and during this wait have you been happy, could you have been? That is what needs to be looked at, how much of our life do we let go by because we are waiting and determined to make it somewhere, the end of the rainbow, that elusive pot that holds our happiness. We should try instead to let it all go, to be as happy as we can be right now. For every moment holds this possibility, especially when we let go of our demands and our restrictions on when we can be.

We limit our happiness by taking life far more seriously than we need to. If we focused on our happiness and not what would make us happy, then we would become so. If you said to yourself I need nothing to be happy, aren't you giving yourself the biggest gift ever? No demands, no waiting, no control, no effort, just happiness as you are right now. We have this ability; there is nothing magical about it. In fact, we are robbing ourselves of happiness by believing we cannot be happy until what we want happens. Think about it, we are waiting for happiness based on our assumptions that we will become so when we think the time is right. Do we really know that that moment will release our tendencies to wait on happiness? When we finally achieve that golden pot at the end of the rainbow, do we imagine our habits will fall away, and we'll give up our tendencies to strive for happiness. Realistically, if you cannot imagine that, then stop the cycle and give yourself the gift of happiness right now by letting go of this habit. Most of us do this, we wait and plan for when our happiness will come, but the waiting is what keeps it away.

Our plans, our efforts to control our lives limit the possibility of happiness now. Free yourself up by enjoying now, with no needs, no effort, no controlling whatsoever, just let go. When we do this, we are free to become as we are meant to be, which is enjoying life in all moments, without restrictions or habits getting in the way. Try to do this on a daily basis, especially when you find yourself thinking of what you need, want, should or shouldn't be doing. What are you basing these decisions or thoughts on? Is it coming from a place that you think will make you happy; can't you be happy right now? This is a very good exercise that promotes positive thinking, helps you to imagine yourself as happy without anything, and best of all, gives you happiness now.

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