Letting Go Of Fear

Letting go of fears can seem like a very hard thing to do. As with all in life, things are as hard as we make them. We can struggle against the easiest things in the world, wracking our brains trying to figure them out. Or we an see our life, this moment we are in, as not only possible, but beyond our ideas of who we are. Often we set up our own limitations in life. We expect things to be hard because they have been. We assume that life will not only repeat itself, but that our habits and ways of being are established and therefore limited. We do not view ourselves as constantly evolving. By judging ourselves in this way, we cease to change; we cease to let go.

Our fears are not an established and permanent part of us. They are only our view of the world around us. Simply put, they are a decision of what life is and our role in it. If we viewed life as an open expanse surrounding us on all sides with nothing in the way, would we feel fear? There is really so much openness around us; it is endlessly expanding, continuously growing outwards from us. It is with our fears, our predetermined ideas of life, and our casual approach to our being that leaves us feeling trapped.

If you fear heights, you know and understand it, but its relevance to you in certain situations leaves you stymied. You wish you could feel different because you know you should. How do you let go of a fear that feels stuck, that feels like a part of you, and let it go? First, you must understand that at one point you decided you were really afraid of heights. Not just a little, but more than others,. It is your fear and you claimed it. In claiming this issue, this fear of heights, you have in a way engineered this belief so heavily within you that it becomes your fear. Claiming a fear and viewing it as yours gives it power over you. You gave it power. A fear is only there as long as you believe in it because its power comes from you. You can let it go by realizing it was a decision to believe in this fear.

We have no reason for fears or hindrances that block us from living as we are meant to. To let go of a fear you have, realize you gave it power. Judge not how it came upon you or how you chose it, but what it is doing for you. How does it serve you, help you, and in the end stop you from being yourself? The power behind a fear is what we gave it; we give it the strength to be there in the first place, by choice. Release the fear by taking away the belief that you have in it by choosing to be limitless in your abilities as a person. Choose to have no boundaries, rules, or limitations and let go of what is no longer about you.

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