Letting Go Of Guilt

When we feel guilty, we are aligning our actions with those we do not approve of and are seeking absolution. Guilt is a response to your behavior; it is a reaction to events that occurred in your past and is something you are holding onto. Guilt in itself is a feeling of remorse and of not accepting yourself, events, behavior, or something you may have done in your past. When the past is gone, there is nothing we can do about it; we cannot erase what occurred, even if we wish we could. And because we cannot erase it, we feel guilt and remorse. We carry this guilt, and it eats away at us until we accept what happened and let it go. The only thing that can be accomplished or taken care of is what you can do now.

Guilt is a response to something in your past, a part of your past which is over and can no longer be altered. Sometimes the only way we feel like we can release guilt is if someone else releases it for us, either by absolution, forgiveness, or repentance. But all that other person is really doing is saying it is okay for us to release it. We are the ones holding onto the guilt and we are the only ones who can let it go. By holding onto it, you are not accepting yourself, your actions, or what occurred in your past. The only way to let it go is to accept what occurred and what you did or didn't do and then let it go so that you can be free of this feeling. Guilt serves no purpose; it only weighs you down. It is different than knowing right from wrong or saying you are sorry. Guilt, the kind we carry around with us, is a personal choice; it is a kind of belief that we deserve to feel bad because of something we did. The only purpose it serves is to make us miserable and unhappy.

What's done is done; the past is gone and where you are now and how you are feeling is what is most important. You can make the choice to forgive yourself now, to release the guilt and accept your past, or you can continue to hold onto it. Sometimes, even when others forgive us, we still cannot forgive ourselves. Why is this? It is because we do not believe it was okay; internally we do not accept ourselves and what we did or didn't do. Remember, guilt does nothing for you or your past. It is not something that will help you be a better person. You will be that without the presence of guilt. In fact, you can grow more easily and profoundly without guilt weighing you down.


Guilt will not change the past in any way. It never will. What you can do is let go of guilt now and start living your life in a happier state. This will have a more positive effect on those you love and care about than the heaviness of guilt. The three steps to releasing your guilt are acceptance, forgiveness, and letting go so that it no longer weighs you down. Accept what was and yourself, forgive what happened and forgive yourself, and then release it. Let it go so that you can move on and live your life now.

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