Letting Go Of Our Ideas Of Self

A lot of the time, we put pressure on ourselves to be a certain way and to maintain this standard. When we do this, we are suffocating who we are in general and withholding who we can become. Often, we decide who we are and who we will be without thought of our real selves. We program ourselves into being a certain person, with certain characteristics and behaviors. This internal processing and control inhibits our growth and closes us off from our real selves. It is as if we have closed our mind off to the option of being different than who we think we are. We close our hearts and emotions off from acting or behaving as we truly are in order to maintain the presence of our idea of ourselves at all times. This can be internally confusing, as the real you is no longer part of your presence.

Imagine if we had no thoughts or pressures of who we thought we were. Imagine your mind wide open to everything and all your behaviors were only a response from your true self. Imagine then what your world would be like. The further you get from your idea of self, the freer you become. When you let go of the idea of your own personal programming, you open yourself up to receive the real you. Even if you don’t know who you are, you still have not decided and thus controlled the person that you are and will later become in life. Imagine, as a child, opening your eyes to a new beginning without judgment, ideas, or mannerisms you’ve chosen as yourself. Imagine just waking up with all the wonder of a child with your emotions and mind ready and free to take on the day.

Have you ever wished to be a kid again, with so little stress or worry and just living in the moment? A child is this way because they are not inhibited by their patterns, thoughts, or ideas of self. They are not trying then to control who they are. When a child grows up and loses this capability, it is assumed that childhood is gone and with it this way of living. But this is not true; we make our lives the way we choose them to be. We choose to conform to our ideas, no longer balancing the true person we are with that of what we think we must become.

By beginning the day with an open mind and a free heart, without expectations, free from thought or control, you are experiencing childhood again in a sense; you are enjoying a freedom that you have given yourself. Imagine letting go of who you think you are and must be, so you can be who you really are. Imagine the release of tension, the openness of how it might feel. Imagine letting go of the ideas and behaviors you believe are you, so that you can find the deeper you. Being a child isn’t the only time we can experience freedom; we simply choose another path once we have developed into a more self-conscious way of being. But it is at this point, when we can be more aware of our true selves and our consciousness, that we shouldn’t overlook who we really are, but connect with it. By opening ourselves up and freeing up our ideas of who we think we are, we can again connect to the real us. We can let go of everything we believe to be us, for what doesn’t belong to our true selves will disappear, and the real us will always remain.

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