Letting Go Of What We Think We Are

Learning how to let go in life can be an essential skill. It is one we all need to learn, for far too often we hold onto things which harm us and hold us back, things like how we act, behave, relate, and how we simply are. We act a certain way because that is what we are accustomed to, and what we think we should be doing. We relate to others in the same way, as we think we should. But all of this, these ideas and customs we have, are something we have chosen not to let go of. We have trained ourselves to be as we think we are. This makes sense if you think of a child before a certain self-awareness takes over, there is no control. There simply is, and that is what we want.

We don't want a set of rules to follow, a way to be that we have created in our minds. Everyone is following a script, one they have written, and usually one they wish they could throw away. If you have ever wished you could be different than you are, then throw out that script and let go. Let go of how you think you have to be, who you should be, and how you are. If we are like children, then we are free. If we are without that need to control ourselves then we have their freedom; their freedom is ours, as adults.

Now of course we think we can't do this, that we can't let go of that much, but what this is about is letting go of the control we have over our lives. We dictate how much we should eat, sleep, dream, and all sorts of other behaviors; we have a giant set of rules that we follow. From everyday things to larger purposes and plans, we are following our own script. Now being aware of this comes in handy when we realize that we don't like something about ourselves, or if we wish we could change. You see that set of rules is so rigid, so religiously followed, that we forget that we were the ones who wrote it.

So how do we let go of this script that we are living and be as we really are? How does one truly let go and be free in life? Well, it comes down to seeing yourself for who you really are, for often our imagination of who and what we are interferes with what we really are. We imagine we are a certain way, so we act this way, following our script. We believe we do things one way because we always have, and so therefore that is how we must continue doing it. We are following our own agenda down to the last dime, without even realizing we are doing so. This of course interferes with what we really are, we are not connected to ourselves, instead we are playing a role we have engineered.

Behaviors, attitudes, anything you can think of, is of our own design. So yes, of course you can change Yes, you can be different. You can let go because you are the designer of your life and the creator of your being. You created the role you would play in life by following your script. It is just as easy to change roles as it is to demand that you play one. You can let go as soon as you truly realize that life in itself is freedom. There are no restrictions, no rules to play by, no roads to follow. That is what you have dreamed up, that is a creation of self in the eyes of what we think we must do and be. So, in essence, you let go by believing you can, for there are no restrictions. Those are man-made.

Change is a dominate factor in life; we just restrict our movements so severely that we forget it is possible. We change very little to be in control and very still. Sure we move forward in life, but on what level? Where are we really going, and are we happy getting there? Do we really want to play the role we have set up for ourselves, is it our true dream that speaks to us, or is there more? When we let go of our ideas of self, of who we think we have to be, the dreams we should be having become far more evident. They rise up along with the way we really are. We no longer falter and wish for something different, for we are who we are meant to be in life. Let go by seeing that there is more than what you thought. Let go by believing that you can be more than what you think. See that in yourself and be free of what you have been following so far. Let go so that you can live the life you are meant for.

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