Letting Go Of Your Anger

Anger serves no purpose, other than to show you how you feel. How you really feel underneath the anger is what is important. When you overcome your anger, you are better able to deal with the real issue at hand, to look what is really causing it.

Anger is often a response to an unresolved issue or feeling. Anger is false in that it doesn't really help you or change the moment. It limits your awareness and your ability to see what is really going on, both within you and around you. When we choose anger as a response, we are telling both ourselves and the world around us that we do not want to deal with ourselves. We do not want to look at why we feel the way we do, at what is really causing us to feel angry. We choose instead to use anger as a response to our real feelings, assuming that is could make us feel better, but it never does. Usually, we feel worse and lose sight of why we were really angry in the first place.

The best way to deal with your anger is to realize it is a response to something else. When you begin to feel mad or angry, stop and pay attention to the moment you are in and to what feels unsettled within you. Do not look outside of yourself for the problem, for normally it is you who really feels off, and so you respond with anger to the moment. Look at what is disturbing you; it doesn't need to be complicated. Often, we ignore our needs until we begin to feel unsettled in some way. It could be that you have not been paying attention to how you are really feeling and everything around you seems like it is too much. Usually, it is our subconscious, in a way, that is responding with anger because we are not paying attention to ourselves. If we are present with ourselves, aware of how we are doing and what we need, anger never really needs to play a part in our lives. If we are doing okay within, then we will never need to use anger to get what we need.

Very often, when we use anger with other people, they tend not to be the real reason we are mad. If you ask yourself if this were another moment when I didn't feel so unsettled, would I feel this mad, would I be so angry? Imagine that you did feel okay, how would you respond and how would you feel? Anger is a response to an internal issue; it is not caused by an outside source. We can exist without anger; we can live full lives without ever using it. Anger serves no purpose other than to alert you to the need to be aware of yourself right now. Check in and question what you need, how you feel, and what is going on inside of yourself. Use anger to help you realize the need to be more assertive to your needs and then let the anger go. For once you realize your problem, you can assist yourself and the anger will fade. It never needs to be more than a passing realization, one that tunes you into yourself and then evaporates. Anger can be a passing occurrence, one that never alters your state of being, but brings you back to the place you need to be.

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