Letting Go So That You Can Be You

We all need to find a way to let go of what is holding us back and preventing us from reaching our true selves. Our true self is that part of us that is without any blocks or hindrances in life. It is ourselves complete, content, happy, and fulfilled in life. When we are lost or confused, we are not living as our true selves. When we are unhappy and unfulfilled in life, it is because we are not truly living as who we are meant to be. Our true self already exists. It is not something that has to be built up or formed. It is us; however, we are often covered up by other ways of being. Why do we do this? Sometimes, it is simply an effect of our past, a problem we are hiding from and have become disassociated from ourselves because of it. Sometimes, we are trying to live a life we think we are supposed to live, yet we remain unfulfilled. Mostly, it is simply us without a connection to our true self.

The connection can be found by letting go of this other person and all of their ideals, issues, and requests placed on life. Who we really are is already completely aware, competent, happy, and fulfilled. There are no moments when life is empty because we are living as we are meant to. What needs to happen is the release of this old self, a letting go of what we think we are, what we are stuck with, and most importantly, our ideas of self. We keep ourselves locked a way in a cage, living a life that we have not only chosen, but relinquished ourselves to.

Have you let go of who you really are and settled for an idea of what you think you have to become and and idea of what life will continue to be for you? We need to let go of it all in order to be free of the control we think we have over ourselves. We need to do this because that thought process of controlling ourselves is connected to who we think we are, not who we really are. All opinions and ideas of self must be let go of in order to live just as you are. How you look at yourself is you controlling yourself, trying to force yourself to be and act in a certain way. What you approve and disapprove of is your judgment of a false self and not the real you. You are essentially internalizing your ideas of who you think you are and then living it. Basically, we come to live an illusion, one that we have made for ourselves and one that causes deep unhappiness and conflict.

Letting go is not only fundamental for our happiness, it is essential for finding the real us. Start first by letting yourself become aware of how you feel about yourself, how you judge who you are, what you have become, what you see as you. Whether it is complimentary or not, let it go. Hold no thoughts that pertain to a judgment of who you are, were, or will be. All of this is fundamentally nonessential on the basis that we are who we are in the moment we are in; all else is an illusion. Let go of all by being present and no longer withdrawn with your idea of life, who you are, and what you must become. We waste so much energy, time, emotions, and thoughts manifesting futures and looking at our pasts with regrets or sadness that we lose ourselves. So release all so that you are in the moment and all matters in life pertain to the truth of what really is; let yourself let go of the idea of 土ouand connect to who you really are.

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