Letting Go To Be In The Moment

When we feel heavy, overburdened, tired, or exhausted, is it because we are overwhelmed by what we are doing or because of all we are thinking about? If you look at life as a puzzle, the more pieces you hold and have control of, the easier everything will fit together, right? Another way to look at life is the less of the puzzle we try to hold onto and contain, the less there is to figure out, with less stress and less worry. If we let go of everything we try to hold together, to manage, and control, what happens? Does it really all fall apart or does life keep on going as it is meant to? If we do release our perceived control over life, what we are left with is nothing, nothing but us in the moment. It is simple, yet far too easily we always sway back to overburdening ourselves with our to-do lists, our mandatory accomplishments, and everything else we add up to being our life.

Life itself is just an experience, and how we experience our life is up to us. We can trail along on a well-trodden path because it is comfortable and we have all the pieces, or we can just let it all go for the simplicity of existing in where we are. The more we burden ourselves with, the less we are present, the less we exist with what we are meant to. How often do you exist in the memories of your past? How often are you drawn to your future, your agendas, with your thoughts taking you away from now? Our lives themselves take on a life of their own, drawing us away from the act of just living. Our to-do lists control us; our obstacles, as we perceive them, override our experience of now. Our goals become what we live for and not part of the enjoyment of our life.

How often do you let yourself just be? This is a big question because to be without anything is to release everything. The release, in itself, helps us to be present, for all we hold onto keeps us away from where we are. Our thoughts dilute the present. Our agendas pull us away with thoughts of the future. Our presence in the moment only occurs when we are doing what, and only what, is really happening now. We may think this is what we do, but we often only do so when actually necessary. We do not engage in the moment fully, to the point of letting our thoughts and emotions be contained by the moment. We let ourselves drift away with worry, fear, anger, or any other emotion that doesn't relate to the moment we are in which is futile and problematic. We tend to escape the present in our minds, looking at what may be, what was, and not really looking at now.

Life is an event we can be part of or something we can find ourselves distracted by. Letting go of what your life is, is like releasing the tension around it, releasing the stress, the doing, the acting, all so you can instead be. This doesn't mean you stop living. It means you let go of the idea of your life so that you can be where you are right now. Being present is about engaging fully in the moment you are in, for all the ideas of life are not about right now; they are for your future or from your past. How often do you relate yourself into now? When you let go of managing yourself, you let yourself slip into just existing. Let go of all you think you need to do so that you can only do what you are doing right now.

Our minds keep us away from where we are; our thoughts and our agendas pull us away. The same can be said for your emotions; do not let them rule your state of being. Anytime we are swayed by the experience of our emotions, we are no longer present. Are you angry now, or are you angry about something that has already happened? Are you afraid now, or do you fear something that may be? Emotions, other than real, interactive feelings are based on something other than now. Know your thoughts and emotions. Are they current or based on the past or future? Know your desires, your state of mind, and look at what you are doing. Is what you feel or think real or does it involve another moment other than now? In order to be present in the moment, we need to release the idea of our lives, our attachments to our future and past. All of it is nonessential to our happiness; none of it will provide the contentment we need. Let go of your life, so you can be fully in the now of where you are, for that is what life is about.

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