Letting Yourself Relax

In life we find ourselves always pushing, working, and striving for something better, whether it is ourselves, our situation, or something around us. We work very hard at this, sometimes to the point of exhaustion, finding that we can never fully relax and let it be. Who we are is capable of moving past this, of accepting the moment, and thus being able to relax. The constant striving and working at something can leave us feeling restless because there is always more to be done, always something that is left to take care of. But this isn't true; we are the ones deciding this. We are choosing our own fate in this department.

Of course the world could be an endless list of more to accomplish, but where do we live amongst this, how do we fit in our happiness, our enjoyment, and our satisfaction? If we are always pushing ourselves onto the next thing, where do we rest, how in the end do we get a break? Life isn't always about the next thing and if we can allow our mind to rest, to relax, then we can too. Remember it is a choice to let go of the pushing, trying, and the constant act of moving toward something. Yes, it is good to be your best and to move forward in life. But it is a waste to spend your whole life there when life is already happening around you and within you. To feel more relaxed is to let yourself be so. There are no magic steps, or paths to this; it is the acceptance in your day that you have done enough and now it is time to enjoy it. It is releasing the drive, letting it find its own balance within you so that you can be okay. It is giving your life more importance in the now than in the tomorrows.

When we choose to be okay with where we are we can always keep moving forward, but it doesn't need to be a death march. We can have fun and relax along the way. To those of us with immense drive this might seem to be an impossible task and yet it is most important for those of us to realize. We are not meant to live a life of always fulfilling a task. Life is about now and if there is no enjoyment and relaxation in it, then there is something that is missing. When down this path will you allow yourself to be done? Is it even scheduled in? Every day should be as important as the next, every moment is vital.

Don't let the days slip by until you are finally ready to relax and enjoy them. This moment right now is available; allow it to be so for you. Relax, let yourself feel where you are, accept it, and be comforted by it. Look at all you've have done and let go. Look at what is to be enjoyed and know the future will bring more. Find peace and relaxation in the now and not tomorrow, this is the best way to find it.

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