Live Life As The Real You

We are meant to know ourselves, to connect and grow strongly into who we really are, but sometimes we get lost in the outer world and forget to stay in contact with ourselves. We venture far too often into the meanings of our existence in a material sense. We see ourselves for who we are on the outside and not the truth of who we are on the inside, the real us, for it is not about how we present ourselves to the world, but it is the essential being that we are that matters. We can pretend to be other than what we are, try to establish a sense of self that fits with what we think matters, but the real us is all we need to be. We, at our core, are the essential self that is complete.

When we feel empty, alone, without, or incomplete in some way, that is the lack of ourselves we are feeling. It is not what we are missing on the outside, but rather what is at a loss on the inside. See it this way, if for a moment we were to solely focus on ourselves, not in the way we usually do, but in a way that is purposefully centering in on our true selves, we will feel a hint of who we are. If we search out our meaning by closing in on what is real, the essence of our being, we will find contentment, peace, and, essentially, the meaning to our lives. When we lack connection, we drift through life; we are empty of our purpose and our destiny, for we do not know our true selves. What we lack in personal connection we try to make up for in our life. We try to fill this emptiness by buying, owning, accumulating, or searching. Whether it is stuff, agendas, goals, or accolades, it is all empty, for its purpose will not be fulfilled.

When we are connected to our true selves, there is no void to fill. We are not driven by the emptiness, but instead reach out to our destiny because that is what drives us. Finding your way in life is accessible only by connecting to who you really are. It is through this connection that we find peace and are at one, finally, in our own life. We will always suffer when we lack this connection, this way of being that comes from our center and not from the outside world. When we direct our lives in this way, we are truly living; we are fulfilled and content.

How does one go about this; how do we connect if it is so important to our life? First, one must realize that one is disconnected, admitting that your driving force in life is an abstract idea and not a true visualization of your real self, admitting that perhaps in life you have not been your true self, that who you really are is not fully there. Once we realize that we are lacking from our own life, living a life that is empty, we can reach in and find ourselves. When we lie to ourselves or ignore what we are really doing, we will only continue to feel unfulfilled and empty. By accepting that so far (and this is okay, almost natural in fact) we have not been living fully as ourselves, we open the door to true self-discovery. We no longer condemn our true selves to stay buried within us, but we let our true selves out.

We, for many emotional and mental reasons, block ourselves constantly. Whether by fear, worry, anger, or any other endless array of choices, we have kept ourselves out of our own life. When we choose to let ourselves connect, we are also choosing to let go of those reasons. We are choosing to let them go, just as we chose to accumulate them. Any reason you have for holding yourself back is unjustified and unnecessary. Any choice, valid to you or not, is contentious; it is harmful. When we realize how and why we buried ourselves behind reasoning, purposeful intentions, or absent choices, we can release this way of being. We can say to ourselves, "I can do without all of this protection, this wall, or this hindrance. I can be free of what I was and no longer need to be that anymore."

Freedom from our old selves comes when we accept what we were and let it go. When we believe that who we really are is more important and valid than this other person we have created, we give presence and importance to who we really are. For it is not always by choice necessarily that we chose to stay hidden, but the randomness of life in all its ways that caused us to let ourselves go. It is up to us to find out who we really are, to connect, and to let our old self go. It is a fundamental beginning necessary in our personal growth and even our happiness, for we can not be happy or fulfilled in life when we are empty within. Begin this journey by accepting that perhaps you have not been living as the real you, accepting that you have not been you, but now you are ready to be. You are ready to let go of what is in the way and has been holding you back; you are ready to set yourself free. Do not hold onto excuses for why you are the way you are, for that is not accepting it. Do not try to control who you think you are, for there is no need. Who lies beneath, the true you, doesn't need to be orchestrated or controlled. For when you really let yourself free, you are everything you need to be; you are complete and are lacking nothing. You will find yourself happier, feeling freer and less worried about life in general, for you will not be looking for satisfaction from the outside world. You will not be trying to fit in. You will need nothing to make you feel okay, for the connection you will have within will carry you for the rest of your life.

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