Live Life As You Are Meant To

Finding that place within yourself that feels okay, at ease, and comfortable in life is so important because from this place life is as it should be. You are part of life in a way that is fulfilling and complete. How one finds this place is not a step-by-step process; rather, it is a transformation. It is seeing the world differently than what you are used to. It is attaching to nothing, being complete without needs or adjustments. It is not looking at yourself with doubt, detachment, or scrutiny. It is giving up the "I", the personal roller-coaster we all ride on. What this means is that without the attachment we all have to ourselves, we are free to be as we are meant to.

We no longer control our surroundings with our needs or desires; instead, we manifest ourselves as perfect, complete, and without need. We take away the driving force behind that unsettled feeling we all tend to experience. The desire for more goes away because we find ourselves in a place that is complete. Being here, in this place, is wonderful; it is without a doubt the only place we are meant to be.

We exist in so much constant turmoil, and we are the creators of this. We manifest trials and tribulations like they are necessary. We don't let go long enough to feel okay with where we are and as we are. We think there must be more to life, and this is what gets in the way of feeling okay. Look at it this way, if we are forever adjusting our world around us in search of the next thing that will make us happy, where does that leave us? How will we ever know if we have found it; won't we always keep looking? When we give up the search, the battle with need, we are free to relax. We are free to settle into life as it is, with no more and no less.

So much in life is drawn from the desire to accomplish, to excel, and be more. We doubt ourselves when our desires are not met. We condemn our errors, trivialize our accomplishments, all because we believe we have not done enough. Otherwise we would feel better and be happier. Do you see the line that never gets crossed? We feel like we never accomplish enough to succeed. We are always left wanting and this surfaces as loss, like we have lost at life. We live with the constant feeling of emptiness, loneliness, and dissatisfaction. Why do it; why continue on this path when it leads no where? No accomplishment in life will last long enough to fulfill you. No one deed will see you through to the end. You will always be left wanting, that is the way it works, at least in this kind of process. The other direction you could and need to go is letting go. Let go of your idea of what life means and how you have been going about. Because if you are reading this, then so far your process has not been working; you are not fulfilled.

Fulfillment comes not from gaining or accomplishing, but from acceptance and letting go. What this means is if you feel like you always have to be doing something, stop and let go. Let yourself relax without the stress that you are creating in your life. If you are determined to create a life you dream about, ask yourself if you are happy now. Happiness comes now, not in your future. Are you happy now, are you at ease in your life as it is at this moment? This is what you need to understand; happiness and our connection to life happens today.

When we allow ourselves to alter our previous perception of life, we can see life as it really is, we can see that life is not a battle or a mission.  It is not a path we must constantly accelerate on; it is the experience of now. Now is all there is; there really is no tomorrow. When we let go, we begin to see what matters is how we are in this life, not what we do, where we go, or what happens, but rather ourselves in this life. Being at ease is seeing life in this way. How are you feeling right now, what is going on in your mind, that is what is important. Let go of the idea that everything else is more important, that your goals outweigh today. When we let go of the "I" in our life, we begin to experience it instead. Create the space where you can let go. Eliminate the distractions you are creating for no purpose. Let go of your own battle with life so that today you can feel okay. We are the creators of our own unhappiness. It does not come from anywhere else. We are the ones responsible for how we live our lives, how we feel in it, and what our experience will be. Today is important; how you are today is what matters, nothing else. Experiencing life is what matters, not what is down the road. Tell yourself that life is meant to be accepted and not fought. We are meant to live in the moment, cherish it, feel it, and above all else accept it.

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