Living Life Without Struggle

We create struggle in our lives by not being present with the truth of it. Our lives exist in the present, in the moment we are in, not in the past or future, now. We tend to think of life as an obstacle, something to be gotten through on a day-to-day basis. And when we make it through the first challenge, we line up the next one. As if life can only be seen from one obstacle to another. These are not great feats I'm talking about here, but rather tendencies to use small moments as large ones, to take an insurmountable idea and attach it to the simple truth of the moment.

We are not meant to exist in a constant state of flux, of always reaching and never attaining, for in truth we are already there.  We are not set up to always need more for we already have. To constantly seek is also like constantly reaching for struggles in our lives. When we can be still, silent, and patient within, we can be given the chance to see the truth. The truth that life already is, there is no need to create more. Our personal destiny, our truth knows what we need and can even show us. Yet we absolve the need to hear this by overriding it, by creating something in our lives that is not there, by overlooking peace and seeking struggle.

By being constantly on the go, we overlook the ability to be at peace in the moment. Do you see life as a struggle, as something to be made through? This is not as it is. Life is a constant flowing ebb, where were we to join it wholly we would be completely present in the here and now. Do not create one obstacle after another. Do not seek out challenges to be made. Just be. Be who you are, present in the moment of existence you are in. Allow yourself to see it for what it really is without blowing anything out of proportion.

Everything is easy, not insurmountable. If we allow ourselves to see things for what they really are, no embellishments, enlargements, or attachments, it is simply a moment in time, one we are with, one that will pass. Just seeing life this way allows us to be free of struggle. It is not hard to let go. It is one of the easier tendencies to be rid of. For once you see the truth in your reactions, once you allow yourself to look at it from another angle, you can see all the work you make for yourself. How emotionally draining it is and how freeing it can be to let go of the habit. Once you see the truth in your behavior, you will see yourself every time you begin to behave in such a way.

By seeing yourself, the power of struggle in your life losses its essence, its strength. Life moves, move with it. Create no struggle, simply seeing everything for what it is will make you much happier. Do not look for problems, but be real with what you are seeing,. Do not pull the past or the possibilities of the future into the present. See and maintain yourself in the moment you are in. Just be present, do not alter or change perception, and if you do, be present with that.

Being aware with your own truth and your own behavior opens you up to be just you. Find yourself existing now, as you in the moment with ease. Do not look for problems or search for obstacles; do not find a reason to be unhappy. How can any of that promote who you are and what you need in life? You may find that as you release this behavior you will open up so much more space in your life. Room to be you and, best of all, how you can relate to every moment you are in.

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