Living Without Depression

Living life in a state of depression comes from not accepting what is or was. The feeling of depression overcomes us when we let go of life and choose not to be part of it. We withdraw and disengage from life because we do not accept it. The feeling of being depressed is a solitary event and one we have chosen to exist with on our own. We do not let it go because then we would be admitting we accept our life and want to be part of it again.

Life is not against us, but we may feel this way; that is why we are trying to protect ourselves from it and why we end up feeling depressed. The fault with this is that by allowing ourselves to be depressed, we believe we have been defeated. We think we have lost the fight against life. We give up and pull away because we just can’t handle it anymore. From this perspective, it is hard to come back, to rise up and shake it off.

Others do not understand the emptiness, the loneliness, and the heartache of losing one’s life while still living it. You can’t explain it or lay it out on the table because its existence lies solely in you and is only felt by you. Sometimes the reason for depression is even unknown to ourselves; we may not understand where it came for or why it is there. We only know that we do not feel good, are empty, sad, and withdrawn from life. One may feel lost with no way out. But this is all part of depression. The loneliness one feels comes from the withdrawal from life. The sadness comes from cutting ourselves off from the world and who we really are. The loss we feel is our struggle with life and the feeling that we can’t cope with it. We can grow to accept depression over life. We accept this horrible state over whatever it was that pushed us here. We choose to exist this way instead of releasing and letting go.

Depression does not control us because we can find a way out of it. Depression comes from not accepting your life as it is or was. Acceptance is the path out. Acceptance is your way to being free of the feeling that you can’t do it anymore. Do not accept depression, but accept life, yourself, and what was. Accept all of it so that you can let it go. You need to move on with life and no longer exist in a state of denial; do not hide from your life. Believe your life is not a battle to be fought but a place of healing, hope, and happiness. The outlook you have when you are depressed doesn’t allow you to see this. Accept that you can change and let go of depression. Tell yourself that you no longer need it or the protection you believe it brings to you. Reach out and find your life again because it is waiting for you and it brings with it the lightness, joy, and acceptance you need.

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