Living Without Stress In Your Life

Sometimes our tension builds up; we feel it escalate with even the slightest amount of stress. We feel overcome by it, even during times when we feel like we shouldn't feel stressed at all. What is happening is that over time we have built up a reservoir of stress. Therefore, when we feel even the slightest bit stressed, our body, our emotions, and our mind will overreact to it. Not because of the circumstances around us, but because of all the stress that we have held onto. What can we do with this accumulation of stress? We can try to release it, and we can also try to respond to stress differently.

When we are faced with moments that normally trigger stress, how do we respond? We tense up, become even more stressed, and basically have a hard time. How does this help us? Essentially, it doesn't, for no longer is it necessary to flee or fight through our stressful moments in life. So until we feel at ease in all moments, we have to retrain ourselves to respond to stressful situations differently. We must stop adding to our reservoir and deplete it's source.

Take any moment that is stressful to you. One that may happen a lot, one that you know you will make you feel stressed, and be with it differently than how you normally would. Disengage your normal response by allowing yourself to be present. Sometimes we are so overly drilled into our responses that we have forgotten why we feel this way; we are responding from memory and not to the present. If we usually feel stressed during this time, we expect it and then manifest it in ourselves. This behavior is drawn on memory, drawing from our reservoir of past stress and tension and creating more. So pick a moment you know will be stressful, and the next time it occurs, stop and remind yourself to stay present and be in the moment. Disengage from your normal response, and allow yourself to be completely where you are. When we are free of our habitual responses, we can see the moment more clearly. We can respond and feel differently, thus not repeating the stressful accumulation we normally adhere to. When we limit our repetitive reactions in life by being present, we not only end tension and stress, but we learn to live without it.

It is not normal to live with stress. We need to learn to live without it and begin to understand our patterns attached to it. Once we see what we are doing, how we continue to feel stressed because we are used to it, we can stop it. We can let go of this response much easier when we are present and really see the moment for what it is. Now what do we do with this accumulation of stress we have been carrying around? We must release it by understanding it. Why is it there in the first place; why are we holding onto it? Is it because we expect the same stress to happen again? Is it because we feel like we have to hold onto it as proof of what we went through?

The stress we hold onto can mean many things to us. Once we realize the meaning we have attached to it, the easier it becomes to let it go. We do not hold onto something unless it has a meaning to us. When you think of your stress, what other emotion comes up? Is it fear, loneliness, regret, or is it doubt? What are the emotions attached to the tension in you? Once you find the emotion connected to your stress you can ease that feeling. What are your proving to yourself by holding onto it? How can you help yourself understand that you no longer have to feel this way? What can you do to see it differently? We can all let go of the stress we carry by understanding it's meaning to us. We can continue to respond to stress in our lives differently by being present with the moment. Both techniques are very useful in finding your way to a far more peaceful life. Living without stress is possible; letting go of stress from the past and responding differently to present moments are the keys to it becoming so.

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