Living Your Destiny

When we think of destiny, we often believe that it is something already lined up, planned, and taken care of. However, the truth is that destiny is more open than that. It has many paths and journeys, and not all end at the same point. Destiny is really about what you are meant for, where you belong as a person, and who you really are. It is everything you are meant to experience that furthers your growth; it carries you forward in your own personal progress. Destiny is about growth and learning; it is about you becoming the best possible you, fully content, capable, and at peace in life.

When we think of what we are destined for, we believe it coincides with our own personal ideas and desires. Sometimes this is not the case; however, sometimes it does correlate, for our dreams do match our desires, and all can be interrelated. At other times, the path may not converge with how we think life should be for us. Here is where disappointment, frustration and resentment at our life, at our destiny, comes out. Yet, this is where learning lies, where we grow the most, in unexpected places, in moments we never thought of or looked for. These are the surprises within our path, the ones we cannot control, but rather seem to be leading us somewhere. Here is where, even if we do not agree with the moment and what it involves, it is helpful to trust and to believe that the outcome will helps us and serve its purpose.

Destiny is a big word and it involves a lot of details, most of what we cannot see. We sometimes may feel that we are living what we are destined for. When we find these moments, we are happy, content, and at peace. We tend to want to stay in these moments as long as possible. This is understandable, but we are holding our life and ourselves back by doing this. We are actually restricting our own future happiness by holding on to any moment.

What is important to remember is that our destiny is something that is long-term; it is not only one moment, for everything changes. It is important not to hold onto these moments or any moment from the past; instead, trust your path and believe it is taking you where you belong. Letting go of every moment is just as important as trusting them and your own personal progress in life. Destiny moves with us and the more mobile we are, the further we will get on our journey in this life. When we hold ourselves back by clinging to a moment, we are not allowing our destiny to move forward with us. Instead, let go, be part of your destiny, and let it take you to the best possible you.

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