Losing Weight Without Dieting

We can lose weight when we stop eating for reasons beyond nourishing our body. Our body needs food, it needs nourishment, and it needs to feel satisfied with what we give it. When we eat for emotional or mental satisfaction, we are not feeding our bodies; we are feeding a problem. When we feed ourselves for the sake of nourishment by providing our body with what it truly needs and desires, we are feeding our body and not an underlying issue. When we realize the difference, we can begin to lose weight without having to diet ever again. We force ourselves to diet because we have lost the natural balance within ourselves and do not know how to feed our body anymore. We are substituting food for comfort, security, and a way to resolve a problem. We are basically using food to feel better about something, but we do not end up feeling better, for we are forcing our bodies to deal with food we do not really need, crave, or desire.

We need to find a natural balance when it comes to food. We need to listen to ourselves and what our body needs before we eat. We also need to realize what the issue or problem is that pushes us to consume for reasons other than nourishment. When we find out why we do this, we need to deal with the issue and let it go so that we stop using food to feel better. Without the issue or problem, we are free to eat as our body desires and not as our emotions or mind want us to. Your body already knows what it needs and will let you know. Has your body ever felt really good after eating something? That was your body responding to something it craved and needed for that moment. Have you ever felt worse after eating something? That is a sign that it wasn’t what you needed at that time or that the portion was not right.

Our body lets us know what it likes and doesn’t like; we only need to listen to the cues. If we eat only when we are hungry, we are responding to that cue. If we can listen to our true cravings, not those we may hear emotionally or mentally, then we are feeding our body what it desires. If you were to read a menu and then paid attention to how your body reacted to the options, you could feed it what it truly desired at that time. If we listen to and are more aware of our bodies, we can keep the portions in scale with what we need at that moment. Our appetite constantly changes, and if we eat less or more as is desired, we are beginning to feed ourselves in a way that is balanced. If we choose food based on what our body truly craves and needs, we will be satisfied much longer because our body was satiated.

When we listen to our bodies and not our minds or emotions, we find the natural balance again and begin to lose weight. It may seem hard, but once you begin to eat this way, you will trust yourself more and see the results. When you eat this way, the need to diet disappears, for you are eating how you are meant to, by listening and being aware of what your body wants. Do not confuse food for comfort or as a way to deal with a problem; instead, uncover those reasons, understand them, and let them go. Let yourself live with food as a way to nourish your body only. Listen to what your body craves, desires, and wants when you are hungry. What does it really crave and how much does it need? When you pay attention, you are eating naturally. Let yourself be led by your body, for it already knows what it needs and you can be in tune with it. You will find the natural way to eat and will no longer need to diet because you are only eating for nourishment.

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