The Message Behind Recurring Dreams

When we dream, we are seeing into a part of ourselves that we may be unaware of. What we dream about relates to our life. If we dream the same dream over and over again, then it is a valuable and important key to what is troubling us. Recurring dreams are a vessel of clues to what we have buried within and have chosen not to deal with. Whatever the problem is, it is so strong that our subconscious has tried to figure it out in our sleep. What we experience in our dreams does relate to what we feel, think, and are dealing with in our lives. The dreams may relate to a past issue unresolved. They may be showing us our fears about the future or the present. Our dreams enable us to see into what we have hidden from ourselves.

The most useful dream is the recurring dream, for it is fostered by a larger more prominent issue in our life, an issue so large that we have developed a dream in order to deal with it. When you have such a dream, it is easy to overlook the meaning or the message behind it because not all dreams make sense. The feelings you have may not seem related, but they are your feelings, for you are the creator of your dreams. Your mind and emotions create the dreams you experience in your sleep. They are engineered by your emotions or thoughts you are having, but may not be aware of. Most of the time, the issues you deal with in your sleep are ones you ignore during the day, but they are so important that your body will not let you rest until you come to terms with what is bothering you.

The only way to end a recurring dream is to understand it and help yourself resolve the issue internally. Sometimes it may seem obvious where the dream stems from, and when it does, you have the chance and the ability to deal with it; however, it is important to remember that you have not solved the issue until your dream stops. If you dream makes no sense to you, then look at the fundamental aspect of it, and not all the details. For when it makes no sense, it means your subconscious is still trying to figure it out.

You need to look at the basic parts of the dream -- how you feel in the dream, what your thoughts are, and what you are trying to do. Is there any relationship between the dream and how you feel, think, or what you are trying to accomplish in your life today? Is it a dream linked to something in your past or the possibilities for your future? Find the link between what you are experiencing in your dream to that of the past, future, or present. What is the strongest emotion you feel in the dream; what could it relate to? What are your thought patterns within your dream; have you had these thoughts before? What, in a sense, are you trying to accomplish during your dream, not the exact details, but your purpose? These are all keys to the message behind your dream.

Your inner self is trying to discover a way to deal with what is going on inside of you. Take the basic parts of your dream and look at them closely, for there is a message there for you, and one your subconscious wants you to look at more closely. Try to find the link between your dream and your life. Find the reason and then you can help yourself resolve the problem. Look closely at what you experience in the dream as a person, not so much the details or the story of the dream, but at what is happening to you; that is the key to interpreting a dream in a way that can really help you internally resolve the issue.

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