Money and Happiness

We tend to connect the amount of money we have to how happy we can be. We believe that if we have more money, we have the possibility to be even happier, and yet what eludes us is the reality that money doesn’t create happiness. We do, for ourselves. We are the creators of our happiness. We can give ourselves the ability to be happy, no matter what. Whether we are struggling financially or have enormous amounts of money, we can be happy either way. Sometimes it is the belief that we need more money to be happy that keeps us from becoming happy now. Happiness is not connected to our finances. If it was, we would see and feel so much more happiness in others who had wealth. When in fact, some may be even sadder, for they have found out money hasn’t made them any happier.

Happiness is not connected to or a byproduct of having money. We believe that if we have money, our worries or problems would disappear, but of course they don’t. We can have problems regardless of how much money we have. We may believe that money would make things different, but it can’t change how we feel. Those that reach a level of wealth may find disappointment if they believe money can buy happiness. For with everything purchased or bought, we are nowhere closer to being any happier than before. Our happiness comes from inside and not from something we can buy. If we believe we will never be happy unless we have enough money, then there can never be enough to satisfy us. If we believe we can be happy now, we can.

If we believe we can’t be happy until we have a lot of money, then this will be the case. Again, we are the creators of our own happiness. When see wealth as the only way to attain happiness, we cannot be happy until we are wealthy. Having money does not change who we are; it only enables us to exist differently. It does not change how we feel on the inside. That is why so many people who have gained wealth still think they need to gain more. They believe they do not have enough because they aren’t happy yet.

The amount of money you have does not change the level of your happiness. The only thing that can make you happy is yourself. You choose to be happy now or you choose to wait until you have enough money. Which is more likely to make you the happiest? If you believe you can be happy now, then no matter what happens in relation to money, you will be happy. If you gain or lose wealth, your happiness will not be affected, for you are the creator of your own happiness, and it is not tied to how much money you do or do not have.

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