Open Up To Experience your Life

We are here to experience what matters to us the most, to live the lives that connect to us and help us grow. By being aware of our choices and seeking the path that unites us with our destiny, we can live as we are meant to. Experiencing the path that creates growth and internal balance is part of why we are here. Our lives are a path, a destiny of possibilities, and each path we choose opens up another dimension of further possibilities. Whichever path you take in life, whether it is the easiest or the most challenging, each one will teach you something.

All paths end up promoting growth, some more than others. Some more quickly than others, and of course some hardly at all. What we learn in our lifetime teaches us and shows us who we are, what we are capable of, and what our life means. By reaching for the best possible path, by aligning ourselves with our true destiny, we become the person we are meant to be and we find what we are meant to experience in our lifetime. What we learn opens different doors into our future because everything we understand then clears the way for something else to occur. It is like opening doors into our own possibility of growth, that of knowledge and understanding, both internally and externally of ourselves.

Our purpose on this earth is to understand more on many levels; it is to grow, accept, and become part of everything in the biggest, grandest way. When we keep ourselves separate and closed off from who we really are and the world around us, we are shutting out our own life. We are closing the doors to our possibilities, and therefore prolonging the inevitable, which is nothingness in our lifetime. We are meant to grow. We are meant to exceed our understanding from our birth on. We learn from challenges, adapting, and processing what is valuable for us to know. Every path we walk down can show us something; we can learn from every moment in our life.

When we chose not to see or grow, we are limiting our potential. Internal growth is just as important, if not more valuable, than understanding the world around us, for knowing oneself on a very deep level allows you to see and understand everything else more fully. Life is about knowing, experiencing, and growing. Challenge yourself every day to learn, adapt, grow, and process everything you can. Let your perceptions change, and let old ideas fade. Let yourself be open and clear enough to take in what every moment has to show you. Let your lifetime be about growth. Do not live a stagnant life; instead, be available to what is always around you. Learn what life has to show you, for everywhere there is something that pertains to you in some way. Be aware of how you could change. For every small release, change, and adaption you experience cascades into something grander. By being open, you can connect to so much more because what you can see, learn, and experiences changes with your availability. Be open and see what is around you, happening in you, and what it all means.

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