Open Up To Your True Self and Destiny

Being who you really are in life is part of living your destiny. Your true self and your destiny are so interconnected that they exist with each other, not alone. We cannot live the life we are destined for if we are not our true self. Opening up to your true self is the same as finding your destiny. In order to become who you really are, you must leave behind everything that is holding you back. Whatever you have covered yourself up with over the years and is not your true self needs to be let go of. When we live as our true self, we are not just existing as we are meant to, but we are also connected to our purpose and the reason we exist.

Your true self is the person that you really are. It is what lies underneath all your issues, problem, and ways of seeing the world and yourself. Whenever we are in conflict with ourselves or the world, we are not our true self. Whenever we struggle with our life or others, we are not our true self. The only way to find true happiness and peace is to release all that is holding you back from existing as you are meant to.

We produce the symptoms of our unhappiness by creating another self. We choose the idea of who we must be over who we really are. We let go of what is real in us and create a false identity that ends up making us unhappy and discontented. All the issues, problems, or habits you wish you didn’t have are caused by the false identity you have created. They are symptoms produced by not living as your true self. When you open up and release everything that is not real about you, then you can uncover the true you.

How do you know what is real and what is not? It is evident when you pay attention to yourself. The more aware you are of your actions, thoughts, and emotions, the more obvious it will become to you about what feels right and what feels wrong with the way you are. Anything that weighs you down or creates a struggle in how you relate to your life is a false you. Any emotion that carries with it a negative or counterproductive feeling is not the real you. Any ideas you may have that seem to go against the easiest path is not you. We create our issues and continue to use them constantly. We behave in ways we know we do not like, and yet we continue to do so. When we create problems to fight against, this is not the real us.

Who we really are is open, free, happy, and content. We are not fighting life or having a hard time when we are the real us. Open up to the possibilities of existing in your life as you are meant to and find your destiny. When you begin to live as our true self, then your destiny and what you are meant for begins. We lose our destiny when we act as another person; when we behave differently than who we really are. We cannot live our destiny if we are lost amongst issues, patterns, or behaviors that are holding us back.

If you wish to live your destiny, then first live as your true self, for there is nothing more important than living as you are meant to. You will find happiness, peace, and enjoyment in your life; you will not fight or struggle with life. You will accept it fully. We create an identity of who we are when we are not aware of who we really are. We imagine we are living our life as we are meant to because we know no other way. But all you have to do is ask yourself if you are free, happy, and content. Do you see life as a place of enjoyment, instead of struggle? Do you accept everything around you and feel at peace? Being your true self brings this to you, and it also connects you to your destiny.

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