Overcome Fear

Fear is irrational because it comes from seeing life as repetitious and as an obstacle. There is true freedom in life, except when we live from a place of fear. When one chooses to look at life with fear in our hearts or minds, we are seeing the world as something that is against us. When we imagine something will not work out as we would like it, we are living in fear of what might be. But we are only imagining what we do not want. Of course there are things we would rather not experience or have happen, but how do we know it will go this way?

To fear the outcome of something that hasn’t even happened is like holding the future and squeezing it shut so that nothing can happen. When we look forward to the future with fear, we are in a way condemning ourselves because we react before it happens by responding with fear. Imagining something as occurring makes us think it will, and if it is something we do not want, we will try hard to avoid it. And yet all of this -- the imagining, the reacting, and our response to the future -- can affect us in our present. We may change our behavior or how we think in the present based upon what we fear might be. We have then transferred fear into the present and arranged our life around it.

Overcoming fear is about letting go of the idea that you can control the future in any way. Letting go of fear is understanding that you cannot predict what will happen. Remember, just because you have experienced one thing one way does not mean you can predict the future because of it. Life does not work in a circular pattern like we usually think it does. Life has a way of moving forward with us, and the road does not always go where we think it will.

Fear relates to how we see the world and our life. The future is yet to be determined. What is happening now in your life is different from yesterday, even if you don’t think so. What keeps this feeling going is how you perceive it. Letting go of your perception and your idea of the future opens it up again in your mind and heart. We could fear everything or nothing, for we do not know what is going to happen and yet we often fear it anyway. Nothing in front of us is truly repetitious, and only the way we look at it makes it feel this way. Overcome fear by letting go of the idea of what you think will be. Let your future remain open without deciding what could happen. Let yourself live without fear by seeing every moment as new and unconnected to your past. Live life free of fear by living life as it is and not by how you think it might be.

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