Perception and Truth

Is our perception always the truth of what is? Are we always seeing clearly or are we manifesting what we want to see and feel in the world around us? Are we being clear with how we feel and think or are we creating what we desire or fear instead? Our perception has a way of interpreting what we want. Even if it is something we fear, we may still turn the truth around so that it fits into what we want to see. The truth is often overlooked because we want to make sense of what we feel and think. This can be hard way to live, for we are not living with what is real.

Who we really are and the reality of the moment we are in is truth. Yet we often take truth and turn it around so that we are comfortable with our ideas and feelings during the moment we are in. If we only saw the truth, we would live a life free of struggle. If we only felt what is real, we would never be emotionally exhausted. If we saw the world around us as it really was without any filtering, we would understand so much more. It is hard to imagine existing without our own perceptions of the world and ourselves, and yet it is possible. It requires an awareness of ourselves and the the ability to let it go of our perceptions, to let go of the thought before we change the truth, to let go of the emotional response before we overreact, and to let go of what we think we see so that we can see it clearly. If we are grounded and centered within the moment we exist in, then this is far easier to do. If we are already emotionally unbalanced, it is harder to know what we are doing. If we are already lost in our thoughts and imaginations, then of course it is not as easy to understand that we are not seeing reality.

If we are ungrounded, emotionally or mentally, what we see will be what we choose to see. To maintain clarity, one must be aware of one’s reactions in the moment. One must be grounded enough to know if we are feeling what is real or if we are overreacting to the moment. If we are clear, then it is far easier to see the truth. Perception alters reality, no matter the method we use to do it. Whether we do it emotionally or mentally, we are altering the truth around us. How can you be clear all of the time so that this doesn’t happen? Know that, step-by-step, this is possible, and the more you are aware, the less you will alter reality for yourself, for that is the only reason we do it. We want to feel a certain way, so we believe the world around us fits with that feeling. We choose to think in a certain way, and thus the world must fit that thought or idea.

When we are clear, we do not need to create a new world around us to fit into. Clarity helps you see what is real and feel what is real. Stay clear by staying balanced with in. When you feel yourself overreacting to anything, pull yourself back to your center and let go of the struggle. When you do this, you can see the moment better. When you feel emotionally overcharged, let yourself relax and center yourself so that you can feel the truth. When you are over-thinking something, let go so that you can be calm in your mind and therefore centered, and then you can see the reality and not your idea of what is. Let go and stay grounded, and you will see the truth and not your perception of it.

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