Problems Sleeping Due To Stress and Worry

Like many people, we often keep ourselves up at night thinking and replaying events over and over in our minds. We let our minds become so intertwined with our fears and worries that we lose sleep. The stress within our bodies can keep us up because we cannot relax enough to sleep soundly. Do you sometimes find yourself in the middle of the night going over what needs to be done or thinking about what you should have done? This is common and too many people lose sleep over something they cannot control or alter while lying in bed. For every moment that is lost in the concern of tomorrow or for the day that has passed we are losing valuable rest and missing what we need most, the recuperating effects of sleep. So that when we wake up in the morning we are not only tired, but overwhelmed in a way with all that we were trying to deal with in the night.

When you find yourself awake at night, try to let go of your thoughts so that you can drift off. Try to relax your body because you may be tense and not even realize it. Start from your head and go down to your toes, relaxing every muscle. As you do this your mind is then occupied with this task. You may relax and find it easier to let go of your problems, at least long enough to go back to sleep. You must remember that no problem can really be solved by our thoughts or worries in the middle of the night. Often we are not thinking clearly and are not in a state to solve anything. We are only losing sleep and setting ourselves up for another stressful day. Try then to focus on releasing tension from your body, for this may be the real reason you cannot fall back to sleep.

If you find your mind is wandering from thought to thought, give it something to focus on-- the simple task of relaxing. As you relax your body and mind, let your focus drift away. Try to stay within this relaxed unfocused zone until you fall asleep. If this doesn’t work, remind yourself that the business of the day can wait until you are ready and rested to deal with it. Again, what you think is necessary to figure out in the middle of the night will not be solved because you need to sleep and are not clear enough at the moment to solve it. In the morning you will be tired and without a solution. Sleep is the most important thing you need.

Allow yourself to rest by allowing yourself to relax. Give yourself space at the end of the day, before you try to fall asleep, to release tension in your body and clear your mind of the thoughts and issues you are worrying over. Give yourself the best possibility of resting soundly before going to sleep. Sometimes our dreams can pick up on our anxieties and can wake us up. If our bodies are tense while we sleep, this can disturb our sleep patterns and again we may wake up. If during the middle of the night our sleep is disturbed by our dreams or tension, we only need to remind ourselves to let our thoughts go and instead focus on the relaxing of our body. Focus on letting go so that your sleep may be sound and so that your mind may rest.

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