Purpose To Life

We engage fully in life when we are present, content, happy, and doing what we are meant to do; that is our purpose. We are meant to find happiness and fullness in our life. We are supposed to feel satisfied, at peace, and that we are complete. Our purpose then is none other than to exist as we are meant to. We should not be fighting our life or struggling along in it, but be part of it in such a way that our life feels right to us. Life is about being present, and we cannot engage fully when we are distracted by a life that doesn’t feel right. We can exist fully in the moment when we are at peace, content, and aware of where we are. Life is about reaching this state of existence so that you can live life fully.

Finding your purpose is not just about finding the right job or anything else; it is about living the best life you can, the one you are meant for and makes you the happiest. Our purpose is not to exist as if we are always trying to become happy, for we should already be existing as so. The happiness you need is already there if you open yourself up to it and the satisfaction that comes from living the life you are meant to. How do you find this? You begin to live the life that feels right to you and no longer hold yourself back. Life is about finding fulfillment in many ways. When you feel fulfilled after you day is through because of what you did and what will come tomorrow, you have found your purpose. Remember, this is not just about your job, but about how you feel about your life as a whole. Does it fill you up or do you feel empty at the end of the day?

Some of us find joy and happiness in areas that do not relate to what we do for a living; our purpose lies elsewhere. Fulfillment comes in many ways, and therefore contentment and satisfaction do as well. Happiness can be found throughout your day when you let go of the struggle that there has to be more. Finding your purpose is about looking at your life as a whole -- how you feel when you wake up, during your day, and at the end of the day. Do you find satisfaction somewhere during the course of your day or does it all feel empty? What gave you that sense of contentment during your day? Realizing this can open up a bigger awareness of what fulfills you. What were you doing when you felt happy and content? This is where you belong and what feeds you as a person; try to exist more in this space if possible. Let yourself feed off of what makes you happy more often. Is there more you could do with these kinds of moments; could you make them a bigger part of your life?

Finding your purpose is about allowing yourself to experience the things that make you happy, for when you do this, your sense of who you are correlates with what you do during your day. Purpose fills up your life and you are aware of what your life means. We are not aimless; we all seek purpose and to feel happy and content in our lives. Seek out what makes you enjoy life for those moments are your purpose. Your calling and purpose then become intertwined and your happiness and fulfillment will follow.

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