Reaching Clarity and Peace

Becoming clearer in life is letting go of everything; it is opening yourself up to the truth that there are no obstacles, struggles, behaviors, or anything else holding you back. All that sets you apart from clarity is yourself. We walk through our lives pretending the fault lies somewhere else; we always find another reason to not connect and be real. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, holding anyone back in life but themselves. And this is at the most basest level of reality, not on any pretense or surface level, but at the source of who you are. Clarity, peace, and understanding come from being exactly where you are and who you are without the benefit of anything else. Very few of us manage this, and yet it is so simple.

We hack away at trying to perceive our way into understanding what is real, and yet we never find the way or see the clearest path. But the only thing in our way is simply ourselves. We all have the capability to escape the reality we have created for ourselves. We all have the mind and heart to become our true selves and from there understand what is real, to see clearly what life is really about. Once we let go of the idea that the blame or the reason for our problems lie somewhere else, we can begin down the path of understanding and growing. We are not living a life of battle, of living one moment after another that feels like a test on our being. Instead, we exist at peace with everything just as it is in a complete circle of infinity.

We are not separate or alone; in fact, our connection to everything is so strong that were we to feel it, it would blow us away. Yet, we shelter ourselves from this existence by pretending we will never get there. We will never find peace because of so and so. We will never be happy because we need so much more to get there. We are always in want and never content. We always seek to put the blame somewhere else or on someone else first before we can ever look at ourselves. Clarity comes from knowing you can let go. You can let go of everything, the battle, the excuses, and the reality you think is real.

When you are open, you will see what is real. When there is nothing in the way, no perceptions at all, you will begin to then feel connected, for nothing is interfering with what is real. You are open, you have let go, and therefore can not only be present with reality and truth, but feel the connection we all share as beings with everything else. Again, let go, open up, and see what is really there from within and throughout.

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