Reaching Enlightenment

Reaching enlightenment means existing in the world as you are meant to. It is living the life that is for you; it means being happy without stress, worries, anger, or confusion. By becoming our true self, enlightenment is reachable. Who we are internally is already enlightened, but we have simply covered ourselves up with another way of being. When we let go of our habits, perceptions, and strict ways of being, we gain the connection to our true self. When we live as our true self, we are living a life of enlightenment. It is not impossible to do so, for everyone can and should be who they really are. When we are in this state, there is no confusion. Instead, there is openness, completeness, and a connection to everything.

Finding your true self and letting go of whatever is in the way is the most important step you can accomplish in your life, for if you can live your life as your true self, your life will be exceptional. It will be like the world seems to work just for you and your place in it fits just right. You will live without the feeling of struggling against life. You will feel at peace, for you are not fighting against your habits or perceptions. You will see what is real instead of your ideas of the world. When we are our true self, we are enlightened. When we are in this state, we are clear, open, and accepting of everything. When we are faced with a problem or an issue, we can see it for what it is without making it harder on our self. When we are enlightened, we are living as we are meant to by existing with the world instead of against it, for with everything that happens in our life, there is an easier way to be. With all that we feel, there is a more clear and grounded response available. With everything we imagine or think, there is an easier and simpler way of seeing it that shows us the truth. When we are not our true self, we are clouded, unseeing, and lost in our thoughts and emotions. When we are our true self, we see clearly, feel what is real, and think with truth. This is the state of enlightenment that we all seek.

It is not about controlling ourselves, our minds, or our feelings; it is about being our true self. Enlightenment is the state of awareness we live in when we exist as who we really are. Clarity is available because we are not blocked by our ideas of self, the behaviors we have created, or our emotional responses; we are clear because we are without all the things we have added to ourselves over the years. To reach enlightenment, we must let go of who we have become. One must let go of the ideas of one’s identity. One must release any and all emotional responses to one’s self and the world. We must be as we truly are in order to feel enlightened. There is no struggle to do this, for struggle exists with the old manifested self. There is no problem getting to this state, for that is living with the idea that obstacles are real. There are no hardships, for that feeling is coming from an old state of being.

Enlightenment and your true self live as one and on a higher level of consciousness, free of everything that feels hard. When you are your true self, you are free because you are not controlling yourself or manifesting any ideas onto how you need to be. Being your true self is letting go of everything, so much so that you are without the need to be in control of the world, your life, and how you are. It is the opposite of self-control to find your true self. There are no ideas to hold onto or methods to follow. One is only allowing oneself to be just as they truly are without conforming to anything. By reaching this state, there is nothing to hold onto. It is not a state that comes and goes; it is always there. Enlightenment and your true self are permanent; it is the false self that is temporary, for underneath everything, we are already as we are meant to be. Therefore, enlightenment exists in each of us, without a struggle or effort to become so. It is only a matter of letting go of what isn’t you so that you can become the real you, letting go means letting go of everything until there is nothing more. There are no constraints, no attachments, no making yourself do anything.

Our enlightened state exists without control, so you cannot make yourself get there. It is the absence of restraint that brings you there. Let go of all that you think you are, so you are free to be who you truly are. Let go of how you think you feel, so you can really feel from your true self. Let go of even imagining how to get there so that there is no obstacle or struggle in finding yourself. With the absence of any method of control, you can find yourself. Let go of everything so that you can become your true self and reach enlightenment.

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