Reaching Your Full Potential and Your True Self

Reaching your full potential in life is about seeing yourself clearly. Who we are is not just a presentation of self or how we act and behave, for it goes further than this. We can go through life never acknowledging and connecting to our deepest self, our true self. There often is something in the way of us becoming who we are meant to be. We can hold beliefs and ideas about ourselves that are simply not true. These beliefs and ideas can form in many different ways and during all periods of your life. The problem is that we tend to hold onto these ideas and beliefs as the truth of ourselves. In the end, we have limited ourselves. We have inadvertently held ourselves back, and we never become who we really are. Of course, this greatly affects our life and how we relate to others.

Reaching our fullest potential in life involves becoming who we really are, and this happens when there is nothing internally keeping us from being who we truly are. This applies on many levels within you. There is the outside level which involves how you present yourself and relate to the outside world. This is often the first place we act from; unfortunately, we are only living a partial shade of what we could be by doing this. Underneath this, there is a conglomeration, so to say, of issues, pretenses, and behaviors that are all interlinked and cause us to behave and feel the way we do. These behaviors and dilemmas we carry with us can also get in the way of our connection to who we really are, our true self. Our true selves are found further within. Our fullest potential in life lies here. This is what we must have a strong connection with. When we live from a place that is not connected to our true selves, we are without the best possible embodiment of who we can be. Furthermore, reaching your fullest potential by is not just about succeeding in life, but it is about happiness, peace, and contentment as well, for your fullest potential is also about your wellbeing and how you live your life.

The goal is to bring our true selves forward so that is all we are, our full self living completely in our lives. We then are living with no pretenses, nothing holding us back, and no issues or problems. We are simply us, living fully and completely as who we are. From this place, we are at our fullest potential; we are able to see ourselves clearly for what we really need and want in life. We can see what will make us truly happy in the moment and are no longer confused about who we are or what will be. We are present and engaged within, with no pretenses, and instead with clarity.

Reaching within and connecting to your true self is the clearest path to your full potential, and until you do so, you are coming from a place that is not fully you. The most important thing in seeing and becoming your true self is to be completely honest with yourself. This is not a harsh attack on yourself; it actually can be a very gentle process. For it to be gentle, you must come from a place of compassion and understanding when you look within. See what you have held onto; see the beliefs that were formed from what you experienced and your perception of them at the time, but see that you don’t have to be hard on yourself about making these choices in the past. What matters is right now.

Often, we form ideas about ourselves at times when we don’t fully understand all that is happening within ourselves and the world around us. Look at what you think is real about yourself. Are these things that you have always truly believed about yourself or are they things that you have convinced yourself of? Think back to when you made important decisions about who you are. Can you see the reasons you made those decisions? Were they based on truth or on something else? We also take what other people say about us too seriously at times, especially when we are children. Have you considered that they were not always clear themselves? I know this can be an understatement. Remember, this is not about blaming anyone or any situation; it is simply about seeing yourself for who you really are.

Forgiveness can play a big part in letting go of these ideas you have held onto. You can forgive others, and most importantly, you can forgive yourself. There is no need to hold onto anything. It will not help you. What will help you is the release. This does not have to be hard in any way, nor does it need to take a long period of time. All of this is related with how you perceive it to be. Be compassionate with yourself. Let yourself realize that all of this can happen without struggle. You can release all that is old so that you can become your true self, reaching your full potential within yourself and in your life.

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