Reason Behind Overeating

Many of us tend to compensate for areas of our life with food. We look to food not as a substance, but as something we often abuse so that we might feel better. Overeating is a tool and a habit we have developed in order to balance our lives in some way. We do it for many different reasons and we tend to not to realize why. Sure it can happen in moments of stress, but not always. We may feel better after an emotional day if we enjoy something sweet, but not always. It is like we are searching for a way to feel better and sometimes we turn to food to heal our problems. However, food is nourishment and even if we know this, even if we know that we overeat, how does one come to terms with the problem? How does one let go of the desire to turn to food even when we know we are using it?

For those of us who see our issue with food as a problem, we need to understand why we overeat. This is what will help us so that we are not trying to replace food with something else, another behavior. Food can be used to bring satisfaction, healing, relief, and acceptance. Food does not do this. When we look at it as doing these things for us, we are ignoring the real issue. What is it that takes you to a place of seeking food for comfort? What are you feeling or going through when you choose to eat? The real issue with overeating is the why, even with sitting down to eat and eating more than you need and not feeling good afterwards. Why do you do this? Where does the need come from to consume more than you need? We may be looking externally for a way to make ourselves feel good or better.

External options rarely fulfill us, for they do not heal what is wrong with us inside. The good feeling one gets from food is temporary and goes by too fast. By seeking assurance and solace with food, we are turning ourselves away from what is really wrong internally. By ignoring our real problem we are hiding from it and covering it up with food. We are looking for a temporary fix with food and choosing not to accept why we feel the way we do. By looking at yourself and wondering what triggers the desire to eat, you can see yourself more clearly.

Perhaps it seems really evident to you in which moments cause you to seek food. But if you look closer and deeper, what do you see and feel inside? What do you feel when you are eating and what are you trying to make yourself feel better about? Do you feel in control and that you are taking care of yourself and that you have your needs covered? Does eating help you blank out the moment and exclude what is happening in your life? Are you trying to disappear? Does food alleviate pain; does it take away how you feel and fill you up with something else instead?

Overeating can mask over a larger issue. Look past the idea that the food is the problem, for it is not. The problem lies in the need for it. It is possible to only eat for nourishment. It is possible to not desire to eat more than you need. Do not focus on the food, but rather focus on what you have been trying to avoid internally. By no longer hiding from your issue, you can deal with it and help yourself heal. Let yourself see what needs to be healed and the tendency to overeat will diminish.

Overeating is simply a method of trying to deal with something internally. By looking at your problem you can find a way to let it go, to heal, to find peace, and to view food in a new way. Remember, the issue is not with food, but with what you feel inside and where this feeling comes from; that is important. When the issue is resolved, food stops being your necessary means to deal with your life because the issue is gone. When you have come to terms and healed your problem, know that food will no longer be as important. You will be satisfied with less and find yourself not overeating anymore. Help yourself within and no longer will you seek external sources to feel better.

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