Releasing Your Old Self

After we make changes or go through something big, we have to learn how to let go of the person we were. We need to release the person that we were so that who we are now can come into the forefront. Often, our lives are ruled by our old selves. We are not fully living in the moment because we are tied to our pasts. In order to fully realize our potential and ourselves, we have to come to terms with our old self. No matter the event, the change, or the altering moment we have come through, it is important to let go of who we were as well as the moment we have lived through. Whether it was divorce, incarceration, a separation, an addiction, or any life altering change that has set us free, we must also set that person we used to be free as well. If we do not release, then we will be constantly reminded of that period, that life, that moment that no longer connects to the real us.

Releasing our old selves is as important as the transformation we have come through. In order to fully understand this, one must first realize that our old self is not really connected to us as so much as we are connected to it. It represents something to us, our struggle, and all that we have come through. We hold onto the old us to remind ourselves of what we were and what we did. Memories play no role in our future, and memories, which are very often sad, hold us down. Any emotional ties we have to the old self serves no purpose other than to destabilize who we are now. We must adjust our perception of who we are, so much so that these memories become separate from who we are. We do not need to identify ourselves by them; therefore, we do not need to remember them. Once we came through that big change and were free, how did it feel? Wasn't it great once that realization came, that we have changed and life was new?

We must also realize that we are no longer the same person. We are not the person we were. That person is gone, just as our past has dissolved away and no longer exists. By tagging certain moments in our life to remember, we are holding onto memories that are usually harmful and not really useful. We think they are useful because we do not want to fall into the same traps. We think they can be used as warnings to our future self; although, this is unnecessary because life is not repetitious. By eliminating the need to hold onto our memories, we release the memory of our old self as well, the old self that only truly remains in our memories.

We must look at ourselves for who are we now, who have we become. Look at yourself from the vantage point of growth. Release this old self; if not for you, then for what you will become. For true change happens when we release what is old and walk forward with nothing holding us back. Let go for all the wonderful changes that have yet to take place for you. Do not create resistance by holding onto your past any longer; it will do you no good. I know sometimes it feels like we need too, to hold onto and remember what we were, but it only harms us because we are recalling old emotions that are painful. We are harming our new selves by living in the past. We are mentally linking our past to who we are now, and this isn't real, for everyday we change and grow, even more so when we are not lost in our past. For our well being, for our future self, we must release what we were. It is just as important as the idea of releasing our pasts in general, for our idea of self is connected to who we are. It is mingled in with how we act and perceive ourselves. Think of today as new, and yourself as new as well. Think of this every day from here on in. There are no boundaries to this way of thinking, for in reality, this is the closest thing to the truth.

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