Releasing Your Past

When life brings us struggle or hard moments it is easy to hold onto them, to not release them, and thus carry our past forward with us. This is not only unhealthy, but staggering in its harmful effects upon us. We are meant to exist in a state of perpetual newness, not weighed down by our past or things we are holding onto. In order to release what is old we need to believe we are done with it. That feeling, that heaviness in life is us carrying something with us we no longer need. We all could benefit from a release of our past, it is vital to growth and change, it is pertinent to the movement that is life; otherwise, we are living in the past and just waiting for the end.

When we release our past, an event, or an old issue we are releasing ourselves into our future; we are allowing ourselves to become whole again and more present with who we are. When we hold onto something, whether a death, a sorrow, anger at something, a fear of something, or anything old we are preserving it within ourselves. We are keeping it alive and thus our persona amplifies it at the deepest level within us. These feeling and how we act because of them are not who we are, We are not the same people who experienced that moment in our lives any longer, we are new. Yet, if we carry it forward, then we are not seeing who we have really become.

It is exciting to change, to let go, to release, and then to come back to the real you. It can be done. This kind of growth is not necessarily challenging; it is merely the acceptance of release and your concern for your well -being. By releasing your past and letting it really go you open up yourself to be you, to see life in a new way, and to become what you really are meant to be in this life. So by holding onto your past you are hindering not only your own development, but you are seeing life through eyes that are old, that are no longer yours, because you have changed, you just haven't seen it yet.

Let go of the weight of your past and begin to feel what is real, who you are and what you have become over all these years that have gone by. Realize that by acceptance and letting go you can be finished with it; it is not a struggle. By seeing yourself for who you are and understanding that it no longer makes sense hold onto the past you already are half-way there. Come full-circle and release what began a long time ago so you can be yourself today.

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