See The Real You

We all know that how we perceive things basically makes them so. If we see a situation as hard, it sure will feel this way. If we view our life as a struggle, we will look for ways to validate this. Our perception changes our reality. it alters our experiences, and inhibits or propels us forward in life. One of the most important aspects of our perception we need to look at is how we see ourselves, and not just in broader terms, but in the small details as well. We may think we are doing okay in this area, but there really is always room to improve. It can be at a very deep level or on the surface.

Our perception of ourselves plays a big role in how we live and in the kind of person we are. If we first look at what kind of person we think we are, the choices we make, how we see the world and those around us, all of this is on the surface. It is based on the perception of who we think we are, but it is only a perception. For when we think of who we are, this is just a thought and it may not reflect the real us.

If you always look at yourself as a certain kind of person, whatever it may be, will you not live that way, will you not feel that it is you? The same goes for how we interact with others, from the standpoint of how we assume we should based on who we think we are. If we are ever in conflict with those around us or in how we feel when we interact with others, it is because we are interacting with others in way that is not coming from the real us. How we deal with the world around us on a normal basis relates to how we see the future, the past, and how we think we should act; all of it is based on perception. Anytime our mind comes into play, we are using our perception in this way. It is not to say that the mind isn't beneficial, for it is, but we should not base ourselves, the person who we are, on our thoughts alone.

If we go internally for a moment, how do we see ourselves? Are we strong, weak, capable, incapable? Do we have problems that we can't get rid of; have we been battling the same issue over and over? Do you really believe that all the ways we see ourselves are real? For every label we give ourselves, we are choosing this. Shouldn't we chose the truth; shouldn't we see ourselves in a positive light so that we have the best chance of becoming our true selves, and not this imitation of what we think we are. Even good labels can be stymieing. If they stifle us and keep us locked into one way of being, that may not be the real us. If they feel wrong, they are. If the way we think we are doesn't sit right with us or we want to change, that is a very good sign that we are not living as our real self, but as how we think we are.

We are not at all stuck with our perceived life or our perceived self. In fact, we are but one person, our true self, and that is always there. Underneath the self we have created, the way we decided to live and act, is the real self, the self where we feel at one with, where life is not an obstacle, but where it is easy and comfortable. When we feel at odds with who we are, perhaps we need to ask what am I, who have I decided to be, and is it the real me? Am I living as I am meant to, which is my true self, or am I living a life that I chose long ago? Perceptions can be based on old issues, problems, or moments; they can be old or new. We develop ways of seeing the world in response to almost anything. How we see ourselves comes from what we think, what others tell us, and sometimes how we feel. But once we decide, we usually stick with it; that is why sometimes it feels so hard to change, for we are going about it the wrong way. We are trying to change ourselves from the outside instead of from the inside, from the place where we should be connected to, our true self.

If you are tired of feeling stuck or out of sorts, take a moment to see how you view yourself, and how you see life and the world around you. Do you think it is real; does it feel right? Is it the real you? Sometimes it may be hard to tell. After all, it is a perception and perceptions usually feel very real to us. So how can we tell the difference? It takes honesty, self-aware honesty, to see the truth. Sometimes we don't like to look at ourselves this closely, but this is the only way. Either we live a life we have created or we live the real one, as the real us. Change happens when we take the time to connect to the real us by being honest, real, and aware. It can happen as easily as making the choice to be one way or the other because life is not as complex as we think it is.

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